Shavano/Tabeguache Trailhead


Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.

Driving Directions

On U.S. 285, one mile north of the U.S. 50 and U.S. 285 junction near Poncha Springs, turn west on County Road (CR) 140. This turn is about 21 miles south of Buena Vista, and across the highway from the entrance to the Salida airport. On CR 140, drive 1.7 miles and turn right on CR 250. Drive 0.8 to reach dirt road and reset your trip odometer. Drive 3.2 miles to a "Y" junction. Stay left on FR 252 and continue to another small junction, near a cattle guard, at ~6.2 miles. Cross the cattle guard and drive a bit farther to reach the Shavano+Tabeguache trailhead.

Winter Access

Usually closed many miles below the TH.
Status Updates 
Posted By: jmark
Info: Trail is well-marked from Rt. 285 and accessible for low-clearance vehicles.
Posted By: Sugar Madison
Info: Road is fine to trailhead. Totally dry and passable by any car... got my minivan there w/o any issues.
Posted By: One Sierra Charlie
Info: Road is free of snow all the way to the trailhead. Surface is good - a subaru can make it easily.
Posted By: BrentRichter
Info: Hiked Angel of Shavano Saturday May 16, road was dry all the way to the trailhead. Was supposed to snow 3-5" today but we had sun all day.
Posted By: coloradowriter
Info: The road is clear all the way to the summer TH. There is only one drift of snow on the road, but any car can get around it.
Posted By: zombiewolf
Info: Yep, I went up today about 4 p.m. and made it all the way to the summer TH in my
Ford Explorer. There was only one spot that was sketchy (see photo 2). It was a tight
fit and I had it in low. The snow bank crowds the road and it is muddy, so take care
here. The rest of the road was passable for any 2 or 4 wheel drive. The other photos
are of the 250/252 Y and the TH.

Happy hiking.

Posted By: deters34
Info: The left fork (252) is clear up until a mile before the trailhead. Someone kindly dug out the snow bank. We took the right fork (250A) and made it all the way to the summer trailhead but be forewarned getting through the snowbanks on the road was difficult and a high clearance 4WD vehicle is recommended. Going in in the morning wasn‘t bad, just deep rutted out snow. The way out was an adventure but we made it. Drive at your own risk!
Posted By: Jay521
Info: Made it all the way to the summer TH via 252 @ 8:30AM. Don’t think I’d do it in a 2WD but a decent 4X4 with a good driver should make it no problem.
Posted By: zjbraddock
Info: Cleared out where the snow crossed the road shortly after the Y in the road. Can now get to a little over a mile from the main trailhead.
Posted By: zombiewolf
Info: I too just went up to the "Y" today and saw where others have decided to drive along
the left side of the road, as the real road is still buried in snow. It has caused some
significant damage to the terrain. If one choses to utilize this area to access the
Shav/Tab TH at Blank Cabin, then time to hoof if Team!. An alternative is the Angel of
Shav TH, which reduces the approach by a mile. Spring is coming....hold tight for a
couple of weeks on vehicle access at this point and we‘ll check back.
Posted By: Eagle Eye
Info: Drove on the 252 road past the "Y" junction of 252 and 250. The actual 252 road is on the right and in deep snow. People have opted to drive a little left of the road, which is in deep mud. I stopped before the road start downhill off of this plateau. From this location I could see where the road comes back up the other side. There were no tracks there, which is the place I would consider the most difficult part of the road.
Posted By: Eagle Eye
Info: Drove all the way to the Shavano/Tabeguache TH yesterday. There is a lot of snow on the road and drifts in some places.
Posted By: Yikes
Info: You can get closer if you take 250A instead of 252. Today I drove ~1.7 miles past the y-split (turn right at the y), 1.3 miles short of Blanks Cabin. The snow gets deeper the further back you get. I turned around since the driving was getting pretty squirrely in the deep sections and wasn’t in the mood to get stuck. Someone drove further in (today), possibly to Blanks Cabin. I’m probably just going to hike in from Angel of Shavano campground (Colorado Trail) since the drive in is easier and the extra miles are pretty flat.
Posted By: zombiewolf
Info: I read a post today of someone looking for an update on the Shav/Tab T-Head.
You can make it to the CCR 252 and CCR250 and that‘s it. You can see someone
tried to make it, but they turned around. Three (3) miles to T-head from this
junction. Time to start walking or skiing, but not much snow.
Posted By: LizWeiss
Info: The road to the trailhead is clear of snow except for in a couple of areas. Any vehicle could make it to the trailhead, as the amount of snow is less than an inch. in those few places. Get there while you can!
Posted By: StarGirl
Info: Perfectly dry road all the way to TH. Yes, a Subaru can make it or any other passenger car! :-)
Posted By: lpeabbles
Info: Easily accessible with almost any vehicle. Bumpy in parts, but nothing you couldn‘t get over with some conscious maneuvering. Lots of great camping spots on the road near the trailhead.
Posted By: zombiewolf
Info: I am writing this TH report not for snow or mud, but to reach out to all who read this to please respect this and other THS. The bathroom and surrounding area was disgusting!!!! Bags of dog poop left about and the restrooms were nasty. I hope that my fellow 14er climbers are not responsible for this behavior. Folks, if we do not do our part to keep these areas in good shape then we will be faced with a "Pay Per Use Fee" before we know. Let‘s do our parts and keep it free and clean.
Posted By: gregpeak
Info: The normal route to the trailhead (CR 252) is now open. The road is dry the whole way except for one short stretch of mud.
Posted By: sergeisorkin
Info: Snowdrift still there - approx. 50 feet, max depth a couple feet. Bypass via 250A is all clear. Trailhead clear.
Posted By: unclegar
Info: Same as previous entry. Snowdrift still covering 252. You can go right at fork as mentioned, then take the first left (at a hard right curve in the road).
Posted By: deters34
Info: We hiked Shavano today and were able to get to the trailhead with NO problem. The snow drift is still very much present on 252 (the directions given in the route description) but instead of taking a left at the fork we took a right. This is a little longer and there was a little snow in different parts but most cars could get through it at this point. Passenger cars may not because of the little bit of snow but we watched a Rav4 get through with no problem.
Posted By: Eagle Eye
Info: As Nelson wrote, still no travel more than .8 miles from the 250/252 road fork.
Posted By: Nelson
Info: Drove .8 miles past 250/252 junction (9000 ft.). Beyond there it is still impassable. There is running water in the stream but it is muddy.

Beyond there I believe a 4 wheel drive could make it too the trailhead.
Posted By: Monte Meals
Info: The snow drift above the 250/252 junction shows NO signs of
melting out anytime soon.

It‘s gonna be awhile.

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