Quandary Trailhead


Road Difficulty

2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.

Driving Directions

From Breckenridge, drive 8 miles south on Colorado 9. Turn right (west) on the 850 (Blue Lakes) Road. Drive a few hundred yards and turn right on the 851 (McCullough Gulch) Road. Drive 0.1 mile to the signed trailhead and small parking area. If the trailhead lot is full, cars should park along the 851 road or in the overflow lot, down at the start of the 850 road. PLEASE DO NOT park on the side of the 850 road, in front of homes. The trail starts just above the trailhead, on the 851 road.

Winter Access

Closed at the start of the 851 road, 0.1 mile below the summer TH. 2WD accessible with parking in a signed lot at the start of the 850 road. Please, do not park along the 850 road.
Status Updates 
Posted By: JQDivide
Info: Snow packed...
Filled up by 8 a.m., mostly because people don’t know how to park.
Posted By: chassis
Info: Arrived at the TH on 9/3/20 at 5:10am, we were the 10th car or so. The small parking area at the TH was just about full. There needs to be more parking at this TH. The TH is marked clearly and is in good shape. The road to the TH is bumpy but can be navigated with a small car like a Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla. One large pothole in the road can be avoided if you pay attention.

No sheriffs, no tow trucks, no tickets. Everything was good.
Posted By: Gandalf69
Info: I drive past this th to work everyday. If you park outside of lot, expect a ticket or worse. Don’t park on shoulder, I saw tow trucks there last week. Ive seen sheriffs around too enforcing everything. Arrive early for quandary, thanks everybody

P S I’d be pissed if someone parked in front of my driveway to hike, just saying lol thanks again
Posted By: nilaoire
Info: We did the class 3 route from the reservoir this am - the road to the reservoir is pretty torn up in places. My Outback was no problem, but my friends Impreza had more difficulty. If the line of traffic going up later this am was anything to judge by, don’t expect it to get any better.
Posted By: dcruz654
Info: Not my pictures and didn’t hike there, but come on people. There are so many other trails around. Don’t park on 9 like idiots.
Posted By: DSwans
Info: Parking lot and most of 851 full at 4:30AM. Come early and prepare for a crowded climb.
Posted By: jordanthebuff
Info: On the Monday after 4th of July, the trailhead lot was about 90% full at 7:45. If you are trying to hike on the weekend, it’s probably a good idea to get there around 6-6:30 to grab a spot before the lot fills up. There are port-a-johns in the lot as well.
Posted By: wolfgangstiller
Info: The road is still open to the summer TH for the East Ridge route but i saw a few vehicles almost get stuck when the packed snow/ice got soft.
Posted By: ClimbCO
Info: Great conditions and clear weather made for the perfect late start day. I had some trouble when I arrived at the trailhead, as this was my first 14er with my new pup. I had locked my keys in my car at about 9:15 in the morning, so I had to wait for a tow driver to come over from Fairplay to unlock my vehicle before heading up. Even with starting at 10:50 AM , I had plenty of time to enjoy the views and take breaks as desired while summiting around 1:30 PM. There were some clouds in the late afternoon, but no rain, which did match up with the forecast of the multiple weather sites I had checked. Bring your Trail Runners and pick a sunny day to hike. It is still warm enough to only wear a light windbreaker or microfleece.
Posted By: speaksmountain
Info: Parking is an issue, we parked on 850 but not in front of a house since the lot was full. (see the note about parking on the main Quandary page.) We suspected and were correct...851 can turn into a traffic jam since it’s really only a one way road when cars are parked on one side.
Posted By: travisjonsmith
Info: Lot fine. Still lots of snow up top. Thankful for microspikes and hiking pole.
Very windy
Posted By: Russ Kliem
Info: Both McCullough and Blue Lake roads to trailhead locations are open. West Quandry route clear at base and as far as can see from there. South route wide open no snow seen
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Gate open to the summer trailhead.
Posted By: tednougat
Info: About a foot of snow in the lower parking lot, enough to make things a bit interesting if you weren’t in a capable vehicle.
Posted By: Dan Wiedrich
Info: My son and I made it to the trailhead. There was about 4-6 feet of snow there. Unfortunately, my 25 year old pair of snowshoes fall apart so we were down to one pair between us. We sank about 1-1.5 ft with the snowshoes and an additional 1-1.5 ft without them. We didn’t get very far but it was a beautiful day.
Posted By: Kmschu2
Info: Lower lot is accessible. Great hike to the summit without a need for snowshoes!
Posted By: Jay521
Info: Lower lot has been plowed and the two porta-potties are in place and open. The road to the upper TH is gated.
Posted By: courtwolf
Info: Made it fine with AWD rental sedan - definitely needed the AWD though. Quite snowy.
Posted By: aussie
Info: Arrived at 4:30am on Labor day. There were about 3-4 cars at the trailhead. When I left at 8:00am the only spaces left were along the road or the lower trailhead which looked about 60% full. Had zero problems with a Subaru Forester.
Posted By: RMease11
Info: Arrived to the upper small trailhead lot at 3:15 AM on a Sunday and the lot already had 4-5 cars in it. Still plenty of parking on the road right by that lot. The trail below 12,000 ft is in good condition and easy to follow, even in low light. Snowfall on the upper trail made it somewhat difficult to follow to the summit.
Posted By: desert_diver
Info: Even at 6 am on a weekday, the overflow (lower) lot had ~10 cars in it. The trail is in good condition and easy to follow. The clouds today were amazing.
Posted By: generic_username
Info: Road to trailhead closed. Had to park in overflow parking just off highway 9.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: The 851 road to the summer trailhead is closed/gated for the season. Parking is available at the winter/overflow lot on the right, just after you turn off Highway 9.
Posted By: paul33329
Info: Trail was in excellent shape, free of any snow and not muddy. We arrived at 5am and the small trailhead lot was full. Parked on the road right by the trailhead lot. There are two porta-potties at the overflow parking lot.
Posted By: MGatMileHigh
Info: Main TH is open and in great condition. Parking lot was getting filled by around 5:30.

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