Peak(s):  Sniktau, Mt  -  13,234 feet
Date Posted:  04/01/2013
Date Climbed:   03/31/2013
Author:  Presto
 A Climbing Resurrection on Easter  

Mt. Sniktua ... not really a peak you think of posting a trip report on ... especially if you've done it lots of time (more than my numbers logged on this site would indicate). But, this was special. Surgery reconstructing my ankle and leg occurred 6 months and one week ago from this climb. Just a few photos to share ... it was nice meeting you Jason and Becky and Taj.

The Final Hike Towards the Summit

I-70 Down Below

Just A Few More Steps

Photo By Jason ... Thanks!

This One's For You, LordHelmut!

Thumbnails for uploaded photos (click to open slideshow):

 Comments or Questions

The first climb...
04/01/2013 16:25
... after surgery is a VERY important one. Good to have you back on the mountain! It only gets better...


04/01/2013 17:13
I second Anna's congratulations! It's nice to see you in action again! And you know I've always been after you to do more TR's! Ha! Guess it takes an injury to get you working on them!

But seriously, it's really great to hear about your recovery and that you're even on the trails again! I know that must feel wonderful! Maybe there's still hope we can hike together sometime!

Wishing you all the best! Doug

Happy Easter!


4 paws out of 4
04/01/2013 18:19
way to go, maybe we will see you out there sometime

Billie Jean and partner


Happy Easter
04/01/2013 18:34
And a very great beer in a can!

Nice to see you out!


Glad you're back!
04/01/2013 18:38
The first hike after an ankle injury is a special one! I may have only had a type II sprain, but if felt so good to be able to use it again after 6 months of PT.


Glad to see you out and about again
04/01/2013 19:32
congrats on the recovery!


04/01/2013 19:38
Sounded like the injury was pretty bad. Nice to see you recovered and out hiking!


04/01/2013 20:36
I was up to PT 12915 this morning and didn't see you, so you made it safely down, and that's the awesome part after that kind of surgeryjavascript:emoticon('')


Way to go!
04/01/2013 23:06
Feels so good to walk again, doesn't it?
Fractured my Rt ankle 2009.
It's a long journey.
You'll be unstoppable!
Thanks for posting. Carry on!

Wyoming Bob

From one ankle to another
04/01/2013 23:50
You done good and welcome back.


Welcome back!
04/02/2013 00:02
Glad you were able to get out again, and enjoy the beautiful day we had on easter!

Great choice on the summit beer! I wish you to many more successful climbs/hikes!


04/02/2013 00:55
Nice meeting you up there. Very cool that was your first time hiking in awhile - I never would have guessed by how fast you were going.

Let's enjoy a glass of hops one of these days.


Very kind of all of you to comment ...
04/02/2013 14:16
I actually was not going to make a ”trip report” about this, but was told that I should by a few friends following my progress.
- Dear Jay521: It was ”very important” to me personally. Thanks for all your support.
- Dear Anna: I told The Man about the recent trip reports you and Kimo have posted. He has been asking how Maui is doing.
- Dear Doug: I hope you share the update with Karen. And, yes, I feel like a human being again.
- Dear Piper14 and Billie Jean: Wow! 4 Paws! There is nothing more that I would like to do than run in to the 2 of you on a trail.
- Dear Mr. Big Johnson: Yes, indeedy ... I've got a reputation regarding worthy summit libations. 8)
- Dear Otina: Yes, PT has been going on since December 3rd. This was quite the ”physical therapy” workout in itself with the varying snow conditions ... my ankle was doing things it had not done for awhile.
- Dear Floyd: Thanks so much!
- Dear Monster5: Well, it may not have been much of an injury compared to other people (as I have found out in that ”recovery” thread), but it certainly was to me. Thank you for commenting.
- Dear Onepeakatatime:
- Dear Sunny1: Hello, fellow ex-gimper. It felt so good to ache like that ... and I mean it.
- Dear Wyoming Bob: Touching comments coming from you ... you're one tough cuss, my friend ... thanks.
- Dear Derlich101: It was indeed a beautiful day!
- Dear Jason: Wow ... Taj's photo looks just as good as he does in person. Thanks for posting. I was pretty happy with the speed ... thought for sure you youngsters were going to pass me before we got there.
Happy trails everyone!


04/02/2013 18:15
I know how hard that road was for you Teri, based on the last time we hung out and you were still in a cast. Never has such a short TR inspired such emotion.

Thats a fine beverage to celebrate with as well. Glad you were able to meet Jason, Becky and good ole Taj. Good people, good summit days, good beer = good life.


04/02/2015 19:45
on being able to hike again. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes!


Well Done!!!!
04/03/2013 03:29
Hey, surgically repaired spine applauds your surgically repaired ankle and leg. I remember how great it felt when i was able to get back out there and climb after all that. Hope you have a productive and fulfilling year doing what you love!

”Too many people sit around realizing their limitations, when, maybe, they should spend more time realizing their potential.” (Weihenmayer)


Terri, I can't imagine...
04/04/2013 14:55 hard it is to recover from such a devastating injury but I'm sure the dark days were absolutely terrible. This is a testimonial for sheer determination, will power, and the strength of love for the mountains and your Man. And I can't think of a greater motivator than that.

Glad to see you out again, celebrating what you love. As a wise person once told me...happy trails!


Yay Terri!
04/08/2013 01:44
Glad to see you're back. Now you are making TR's instead of just posting on them!
You go girl!


Thank you so much ...
04/08/2013 14:21
Wow, you guys are overwhelming me!
- Dear Brian ... you were one of the few that I even interacted with in my difficult time of recovery. You are one of my ”good people” for sure. Thanks for your support.
- Dear Nkan02: Woohoo! Hiking is an integral part of me for sure.
- Dear Summitstep: Gosh, a surgically repaired spine sounds much more dire than my ankle/leg. Nice quote there.
- Dear Kimo: Your ”dark days” and ”testimonial” comments are spot on. As usual, just like in your trip reports, you capture the essence of the situation.
- Dear Britt: I look forward to posting more trip reports! Hope all is well with you and yours.
Happy Trails!

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