Peak(s):  Mt. Shavano  -  14,229 feet
PT 13,712  -  13,712 feet
PT 13,235  -  13,235 feet
PT 13,253  -  13,253 feet
Date Posted:  05/26/2013
Date Climbed:   05/24/2013
Author:  piper14er
 Pt 13,712 - Shavano TH Pt 13,235/13,253 - Winfield  

May 24, 2013

Bi-Centennial Peak Pt 13,712
Standard Shavano trailhead to about 11,200 feet and then bushwhack heaven to the Angel. Return the same way.

The route goes up and over Mt. Shavano towards Tabeguache Peak taking a right turn about half way across.
Drop down to approximately 13,400 feet and then up to the summit.

9.5 miles via the Angel, with 4600 feet to Mt. Shavano adding another 1000 feet to make Pt. 13,712 and back up to Mt. Shavano. I did skirt around Mt. Shavano on the way back to save a few hundred feet. You can do it but it is not a great way to go and with the snowfields it would be tough going if the snow is hard packed because of the steep slopes.

8 hours

Angel of Shavano route

The Angel from the gulley below

The Angel with a hiker and dog coming down

Billie Jean on the Angel

The snow had was pretty soft by now.

A look down from the standard trail crossing

A look up from the standard trail crossing

An idea of the slope's steepness above the standard trail

I met an "angelic" lady just below the summit of Mt. Shavano. She had been over to Tabeguache Peak and was heading back down to the Angel. She said that the snow on the Angel was better at about 7:00 am when she was going up. We had a nice chat and parted ways.

Tabeguache Peak from the Shavano slopes

Pt 13,712, a Bi-Centennial Peak, summit on the left

May 25, 2013

Pt 13,253 and Pt 13,235 from Winfield

I parked about a half mile below the end of the road and the parking, along the 4WD section of the road to Huron Peak and started hiking from there. The creek crossing was an adventure as I spent about 30 minutes trying to find a reasonable way across without getting too wet. I tried across from the mine where there is a road that heads down to and crosses the creek (closed at the creek). Eventually I made my way up to the parking looking for a good way across (there may be a better way that I don't know about) where I just said the heck with it and crossed over in the 18"-24" of swirling waters. It wasn't too bad with waterproof boots and knee high gaiters.

Once across I headed up to the road and followed it for a ways up into the drainage towards Silver Basin. It was really wet from all the runoff.

It started out just wet and then turning to snow higher up. I put on the snowshoes, which I used to below the ridge.

11 miles, just 3300 feet and 9.5 hours later I was back at the truck. (subtract 30 minutes to get across the creek going up and then the 20 minutes crossing and going back across to carry the dog over on the descent she was okay going up but said "not me" on the way back )

The creek but not where I crossed

The Apostles

not a 13er but you head to the right and below

The corniced ridge

heading up

The climb from here to 13,074 took a bit of time. It would have saved some sketchy climbing to have gone to Pt 13,235 following my descent route and then over to Pt 13,253, but then you would have had to retrace your steps almost all of the way back to Pt 13,235 for a safe downclimb.

It was hard packed snow going up the "ramp" (in the shade) but using a combination of climbing on the rock and kicking in steps it worked out okay (crampons would have made it much easier).

The rocks/snow "ramp" that I used to avoid cornices and slough

looking down the"ramp"

You can see where I kick stepped my way up. It was a fairly steep ascent but not obnoxious.

looking up

The ridge to Pt 13,074, a bump along the way

Once over to the other side of the ridge the snow was getting soft from the sunshine.

looking back down the ridge on the way up to 13,074

It became steeper and slushier.

10 minutes to get ten feet in steep waist deep snow

a combination of rocks and snow

corniced ridge to Pt 13,253

Pt 13,253 from 13,074

a closer look at Pt 13,253

Pt 13,235 and the ridge with 13,235 the pointed summit to the left of center

Pt 13,235

Huron Peak

looking back towards Pt 13,253 with the Apostles behind

I dropped off the ridge just a few hundred feet below the summit. A nice glissade took me down to the right of the lake. I headed to the rocks as seen in the picture at center right and dropped between rock ridges (can't see from here) on another glissade down a steep section to the trees.

the descent route

The snowshoes went back on for what they were worth. Slush-capades begin.

I was thinking to myself as I was "slushed" and buswhacky, that snowshoeing around these parts is not necessarily a fun escapade. When it snows in the fall it covers rocks just enough to let you step in all the holes because you can't see them. Winter shows up and you wait for the snow to consolidate but does it ever, e.g. Fairview waist deep and no bottom. Oh yes towards spring it sets up for a day maybe before the slush-capades begin.

Sping has sprung.


The GPX track for Pt 13,253 and Pt 13,235

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 Comments or Questions

Silver Basin = Not Easy
05/28/2013 21:59
Way to get those unnamed peaks, piper. I failed to find a dry way across that stream on two separate occasions. I don't know if there is an easy way in and out of Silver Basin. I used the road once, couldn't find it on the way back and had a couple of near vertical stream crossings to deal with. The other time I went low and it was basically awful.

Good to see you knocking them out again...


wet and more wet
05/28/2013 22:09
thanks and you know the place well...

when they say plunge step it is usually on snow I think, but this was a good plunge and run


Billie Jean is such a trooper!
05/30/2013 14:53
We did 13,712 with Jones from Browns Creek many, many years ago (under more ideal conditions -- no wallowing ). Really love Photo #21 ... sort of a ”what happened?” moment on Billie Jean's part (reminds me of The Man waiting for me). Thanks for posting. Happy trails!


thanks Presto
05/31/2013 00:08
Billie is always having to wait for me...

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