Peak(s):  Mummy Mtn  -  13,425 feet
Hagues Pk  -  13,560 feet
Ypsilon Mtn  -  13,514 feet
Fairchild Mtn  -  13,502 feet
Chiquita, Mt  -  13,069 feet
Mt. Chapin - 12434
Date Posted:  08/22/2015
Date Climbed:   08/21/2015
Author:  piper14er
 Mummies for Dummies - how Mummy tried to kill me aka no car shuttle  

Mummies for Dummies or why do this without a car shuttle.



The standard start to the Mummy Kill is the Chapin Pass Trailhead 7 miles up the dirt portion of Old Fall River Road. The road is past the normal finish in Rocky Mountain National Park which is the Lawn Lake Trailhead. This requires a car shuttle. I did not have a car shuttle but I did have the Mummies for Dummies reference book. If you don't have a car shuttle and you start at Chapin Pass Trailhead then even a dummy can figure out you need to return there.

Sounds good and sort of looks good on paper except for the one "fly idiom". A fly in the ointment, a spoiler. That would be Fairchild Mountain or I now dub it Bearchild Mountain. There is not an easy work around to return back from Mummy Mountain...
Image basically have to reclimb Fair I mean Bearchild Mountain which adds about 1000 vertical feet. If you don't stay on the ridge which is a jumble then you can lose another 600 feet which you have to reclimb. More later.

I pulled into Estes Park later Thursday night to see that thanks to California always burning the mountains were bathed in smoke. Starting out a little past five am the next morning you could not see it and really there wasn't a real smoky smell to the pass but as I made my way up Mount Chapin the first light and the orange glow of the sun started to show that we were not in the Rockies but the Smoky Mountains.

Smoke and Mt. Chapin.

Mt. Chapin with Longs Peak in the background.

The smoky mountains.

Okay maybe you are thinking that all that smoke can't be good for hiking but not to worry because about the time I made Chapin the wind started to blow. This wasn't the breezy weather that was predicted but the 40-45 mph type with gusts I am sure were up into the 60's mph range. This went on for the entire trek out to Mummy and half way back before quasi relenting to just a 20 or so mph head wind for the rest of the way back.

Yep blew away most of the smoke and me too. If I was blown over once I would say many dozens of times more. I couldn't keep my knit cap on without holding it down with the hood on my soft shell. No ball cap but then the wind was fairly brisk so the cap and hood were on a lot.

Mount Chiquita, an unranked 13er.

A closer look at Mount Chiquita, an unranked 13er.

In my opinion, and it is just mine the Mummy Range is not the most aesthetic group I have seen.

Ypsilon Mountain.

More smoke, hasn't quite cleared yet.

A smoky Longs Peak.

The CCY hike is very mild and there is a trail, cairns and reports on those three peaks.

After that it gets harder, no trails, no cairns and Bearchild...

I dropped off the northwest ridge to the connecting ridge over to Fairchild Mountain.

The start of the ridge and then the ridge all the way.


I read that this ridge is Class 3 but I skirted most of the towers as I did not want to be blown off the rock up there. Usually the ridges are better because you don't have to deal with the side slopes and loose rock but I can't attest to how the ridge would go on this one.

Some stuff on the ridge.

A look back at Ypsilon.

Hagues and Mummy


Hagues from the saddle.

The jumbled rocks on Hagues.

Hagues Summit.


The trek over to Mummy starts with a rocky ridge and then gets nicer (see first pic above).

A look at Bearchild from Mummy.

Hagues from Mummy.

An inviting Lawn Lake from Mummy Mountain.

I was hoping that by oft chance someone would be sitting on Mummy Mountain that had come up from Lawn Lake. I thought maybe I could talk them into driving me up to my car. Someone had been there before I made it but alas they were gone. They had signed in the register that there was "very very high winds" and they had had trouble standing up. So tell me about it.

Since I did not have a car to shuttle to I prepared for action, girded my loins if you will, for the trek back. The plan was to traverse and bypass the peaks I had just climbed on the way back. I first dropped back down Mummies northwest ridge and traversed across and below Hagues. It isn't great but it can be done, except where I traversed below Hagues I encountered a big gully. I did not want to go down or go up so I downclimbed this.

It wasn't easy and had a bit of a drop if you fell but I made it down. Unfortunately this gully only led to another gully that wasn't good at all so I upclimbed about a hundred feet (which I should have done before the first gully). That worked. I continued on and around to the saddle below Hagues. Then nowhere to go but up the Fairchild. I tried to get around it to the northwest but it was having none of that. I practically had to go to the peak but managed save a few feet by connecting up to the ridge below Fairchild. Then it was a rocky downclimb and then a final upclimb to the Ypsilon Fairchild ridge. That was slog as I was getting tired.

The way out (doesn't look like much).

Once up and out of there, it was a traversing hike past Ypsilon, Chiquita and Chapin out to the car.

18.6 miles roundtrip, 7300 vertical feet +/-, many and long were the hours

Bonus Material

A few pics and info from a hike of Summit Peak, 12636 and 12569.

9.1 miles and about 3700 feet.

Camping at its best (the wife and Corgi)

Summit Peak.

12569 and 12636.



12636 was an interesting peak, looks imposing but there are several Class 3 options to the summit.

Overall a nice San Juan hike from below Elwood Pass, by the town of Jasper.

My GPS Tracks on Google Maps (made from a .GPX file upload):

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 Comments or Questions

Sounds like a fun packed day!
08/23/2015 12:34
Enjoyed the pics (even with the smoke) and the narrative. I’ve done
Hagues/Mummy and CCY (on separate hikes however) and it’s always
fun seeing familiar stuff from a someone else’s perspective. You
get bonus points for basically reversing the hike to get back to
your car. I can’t really think of a better alternative if you
don’t car shuttle.


08/23/2015 15:52
I am glad to have someone else tell me there most likely isn’t another or better alternative to the single car approach. Good to have a comment, thanks.


08/23/2015 16:51
I remember Mummy Mania being one tough day... I couldn’t imagine reversing the route once getting to Mummy


08/23/2015 20:36
I developed a dislike for that peak on my attempt at the mania. My group of 3 called it at the Fairchild–Hagues saddle. Nice work on a huge out and back almost entirely over 12K.


yes and yes
08/23/2015 21:20
yes Templeton it was a long day, I am always wondering where I come up with these ideas ...maybe a first for the reversing idea, although no doubt someone sometime has done that...

...yes dpage, like I said I also acquired a dislike for Bearchild, oh yea Fairchild just not a peak that had too much appeal to it for me anyway.


Huge day!
08/23/2015 21:44
I feel like a sadist to "like" this report.
Looks like a raw pain-fest.
Like the pics and Mummies for Dummies humor.
And great lesson on what not to do! (re: no car shuttle)


08/24/2015 07:17
I think my wife has those same thoughts, she thinks I’m a sadist too. Always glad to help on what not to do since I do that quite often. Thanks Sunny


Thank you
08/24/2015 15:48
Thank you for posting the trip report, I have recently been using a lot of your older trip reports, they have been very helpful. For a few of the peaks you and Furthermore were the only good descriptions available, but of course Furthermore’s included additional 13ers, 12ers, and usually multiple basins Not that your 7k days are trivial!


08/24/2015 20:24
appreciate and am glad some of my reports may have been of help. You have to remember that Furthermore is a "machine" and I am quite a bit older than he is. We did a lot of great treks together and I could rarely keep up with him. It is funny because I look at his reports too to figure out where to go next and they always seem to be 8 peaks, 28 miles and 10000 feet Also funny is how I did 14ers and did not look too hard at the 13ers until later (should have had a few more 13ers anyway), now I look at the 13ers and I will try to grab a 12er if it is close by. I see you have quite a list of peaks and varied conditions so looks like you can handle those big treks. Al


another option
08/24/2015 21:01
while descending Mummy Mountain we met a guy running down who was doing Mummy Mania solo. One of those ultra runner mutants it seemed – traveling very light. He stopped and asked for info on the descent route back to the trail, but kept running in place while he talked. When we got back down and started driving out, we spotted him running up the road by the bighorn sheep viewing area – looked like he was going to run all the way back up to Chapin Pass. Don’t know how he got there but it didn’t look planned based on the look on his face.

Looks really tough going back over Fairchild twice in a day. I had planned on hitting it after Hagues and Rowes last year but took a look at that slope and had enough for the day after 6500 ft gain so saved it for the following week. You probably had a chance at getting a ride up depending on the time of day.


08/24/2015 21:21
Cougar I had actually thought about dropping off my mountain bike and trying that, but didn’t. That would have only been 8 miles or so but 2600 feet up. That seemed like a lot for some reason. The dirt road is good though. I don’t think people like Fairchild much.

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