Peak(s):  Lubbock, TX High Point - 3,215'
Date Posted:  03/15/2019
Date Climbed:   03/14/2019
Author:  mikefromcraig
 Highest point in Lubbock, TX   

After putting over 1,400 miles on my car and being shut down from two trailheads in Colorado due to the "bomb cyclone" I was very upset. On the way back home I stopped at Texas Tech to tour the campus. At one point the tour guide pointed out the highest natural point in Lubbock. Since I had trained so hard for Colorado and still had all my gear in my car, I decided I would tackle this beast. I am well aware of the dangers of solo ascents, especially in winter, but I was determined to get a summit on this trip.

There's plenty of parking near the trailhead but you probably have to have a Texas Tech pass to park there. I got lucky and had good conditions but even in snow, I bet the university keeps access to the trailhead plowed. Camping is NOT allowed at the trailhead. Please respect the university's rules as to not ruin this for the rest of us.

This is the view from the trailhead.

The climb is a gentle class 1- but there are some obstacles to watch out for.

One of the tricky areas on the ascent.

I was in good shape after training all winter so I was able to make it down before sunset but even if I didn't, the trail is well lit.

Trail is well lit.

Like I said, I trained really hard and was already acclimated so I didn't need to but there are some convenient benches on the way up if you need to take a break. Although, in the amount of time it would take to walk over to them and sit down, you could be on the summit.


Always be sure to bring plenty of water. If you didn't want to hike in all that water, there is a source nearby but accessing it would make the round trip three times longer. Also, if you didn't want to bring all the water purification gear there are lots of buildings nearby that have water fountains but stopping halfway up to go access that water source will make the roundtrip about eight times longer.

Water source

Right next to the summit there's an electrical outlet, so that's convenient.

Electrical outlet near summit

I know everyone always wants to know times so I left the trailhead at 1:17:30. About halfway up I started having doubts but then summit fever took over and I pushed through and summitted at 1:17:50. The view from the top was totally worth it.

Summit photo: I'm appropriately enthused

I should point out that while I had good cell service at the trailhead and on the summit, I didn't check on the way up so it may be spotty in places.

Here's the route.

Strava must have somehow malfunctioned on the way up because it didn't register the climb but I would estimate it's about 0.08 miles roundtrip with a total elevation gain of 12 feet.

Let me know if you have any questions about the climb.

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Comments or Questions
03/15/2019 18:09
Thanks for laugh! See you on some real mountains soon hopefully.

03/15/2019 19:09
Bound to be a classic!

Great sense of humor!
03/15/2019 20:15
As someone who lives in Lubbock, I had to laugh at your report.


Do I need real 4WD or...
03/15/2019 20:24
...can my Outback make it all the way to the TH?

Seriously, though, Iâm sorry your initial plans got ruined, but man am I glad you channeled your frustration into this! I laughed so hard that I irritated my upstairs neighbor, and since she spent an hour vacuuming last night, I laughed even harder from getting my revenge.

03/15/2019 21:01
Did you spot any cairns?


GPX file
03/15/2019 22:28
Is there a GPX file I could download? I wouldn't want to get lost in the Lubbock wilderness.


This is great
03/16/2019 10:44
I just added this to my bucket list!


My sister
03/16/2019 10:56
went to Texas Tech, so I visited Lubbock a few times. So, LOL
p.s. I recall the canyon just outside town being pretty nice.


03/16/2019 15:06
VERY refreshing! I love reports like this...

Rick Canter
advice please
03/17/2019 19:36
MikefromCraig, I was thinking about this summit, but from an alternate route, perhaps West Slopes. Would you suggest a guide service for this climb? Not from Texas, how is customs getting in and out? Malaria/Altitude/GI issues?


Welcome to Texas
03/17/2019 21:50
Rick, this will tell you all you need to know:
Welcome to Texas


re: advice
03/18/2019 06:10
Rick Canter, I would stay away from the north face in the winter as it gets windloaded with snow. Sure, at only a 5% incline it is unlikely to cause a slide but better safe than sorry.

03/20/2019 14:24
Did you have any amazing high altitude wildlife encounters? Possibly a marmot? Mountain Goat? Golden retriever?


Good effort
04/23/2019 05:42
I see you were able to do it solo as well!

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