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Grays Peak Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Normally it’s Rough 2WD to the TH but some years it gets rough and might require 4WD. It always requires good-clearance.
Directions:  Take I-70 to the Bakerville exit (#221). Leave the highway and drive south over to the dirt parking area near the start of Forest Road 189. This is the winter trailhead and, even if the upper road is open, low-clearance passenger cars should park here. It’s almost 3 miles to the summer trailhead. Reach a junction after one mile - stay straight and follow the sign for the Grays Peak trailhead. Continue another 2 miles to the trailhead at 11,280’. There are restrooms and a few dispersed camping spots near the parking area.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the 189 road, near I-70.
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2014-12-24 Road and parking lot are entirely snow packed. I saw a pickup briefly get stuck trying to exit the parking lot to go up Stevens Gulch, they couldn‘t even make the very first turn out of the parking lot. I would NOT try to drive this road, stay in the lot. FWIW, I skinned up the road to the summer TH, it is entirely snow packed (by snowmobiles) until just before the summer TH. TomPierce         
2014-12-06 The road is not passable beyond the first switchback at 9880‘. It is advised to not risk getting stuck beyond this switchback until mid-spring! That hill has caused many a tow. Kevin Baker    3      
2014-11-29 Arrived Friday night and drove up the road about 200 yards before returning to the parking lot at I-70. Hiked up Saturday morning and found one other truck made it about 50 yards past our tracks before turning around as well. All foot traffic now! mwimages         
2014-11-18 I opted not to try to drive the road in 4WD Highlander - chances were high of getting stuck and I was solo, so I hiked from I-70. Two sets of tracks (not from today) had made it past the Y. One gave up at the 1.4 mile private land sign. The other got a bit farther up by the first house above the creek. bmcqueen         
2014-11-08 Barely any snow on the road. Pretty much any car can make it to the trailhead right now. At least 15 cars up there today. Jon Frohlich         
2014-10-15 Wednesday, October 15th.. A little snow on the top part of the road now but still possible with 2WD vehicles..The next cold front, it may be a different story...There was only one car in the upper parking lot, a rare sight... Fairwind  2       
2014-10-04 Drove up to the upper trailhead in a 2wd P/U truck..Road rough but passable. A light dusting of fresh snow above 11,000. The upper parking lot was able to accommodate all the cars... Fairwind         
2014-09-18 The only reason I attempted this in my car (rear wheel drive/very low clearance), is due to the recent favorable reports. My car did make it all the way, and I didn‘t even scrape the bottom. I will say that just because I was able to make it, doesn‘t mean I would recommend it. A lot of skilful maneuvers, and even more luck was required. A front wheel drive with maybe about 8" or more of clearance should be fine ( I had about half that in clearance). Probably explains why people looked at me like I had two heads when I was pulling in. cpb145         
2014-09-02 Road definitely much improved from earlier in summer updates. We took a jeep 4x4 rental, but a skilled driver could pretty easily get a low clearance vehicle up to the top trailhead. rob runkle         
2014-09-01 made it to summer th in my toyota corolla, but took a lot of care and route planning. if you do not have experience on roads like this i do not recommend it. there are a lot of places you could do damage to a low clearence vehical exspecially on the way down when half the road is blocked by parked cars. leaving your options limited Lute82         
2014-08-29 Follow up to polar‘s TH update... I was in a Honda sedan that made it to the Grays TH this AM. I‘ve never been on this road before so I can‘t say how it compares to previous, but I‘m assuming it has been worked on. A confident driver who goes slow and picks the right path will do fine in a 2WD sedan. We bottomed out once on the way up, once on the way down, but nothing too crazy. Kelly M    3      
2014-08-29 Road to the upper parking lot has definitely been worked on. I drove an old (low clearance) Subaru Outback to the upper lot today. Saw a Honda sedan there as well. Definitely doable in a low clearance car now, just need to be careful and go slow i spots. polar         
2014-08-24 The goal of repairing the road was to allow the Forest Service contractor to be able to pump out the toilet at the trailhead and to allow emergency vehicle access if needed. If that has been accomplished, that‘s all we can expect.. Fairwind         
2014-08-23 Sorry to post another update for this TH but there seems to be conflicting information. Potholes/ruts by the private property sign have definitely been fixed. Road is now rough 2wd/real Easy 4wd. Any 4wd or subaru will make it no problem. 2wd should be okay just be a little more conservative with your line in a few spots. Double Oh Seven    1      
2014-08-23 I was there today and it didn‘t look like any work was done you still need a high clearance vehicle all wheel drive or 4x4 would be helpful. wawst13         
2014-08-22 They don‘t work on Saturday so maybe the road has been repaired and graded. Someone climbing Grays this weekend please post what you find.... Latest word is the road has been repaired and can now be driven by 2WD vehicles. Posted Saturday, Aug 23.. Fairwind    1 1    
2014-08-13 A fellow property owner on the Grays Peak (Stevens Gulch) access road informs me the "bad spot" has become all but impassable with uphill and downhill traffic coming into conflict at that spot, blocking the road for a considerable length of time..Also, on Thursday, August 13, just before a big afternoon rainstorm, the State Patrol, County Sheriff and Alpine Rescue Team had gathered at Bakerville with the intent of going up the Grizzly Mine road to tackle a situation on Torrey‘s Peak..He mentioned the situation on the Grays Peak road and they said they were aware of it...Unless you have a high-clearance 4WD vehicle it would be better if you parked below the "Private Property next 1.4 miles" sign and go on foot from that point...To voice your concerns about the road condition, contact the Clear Creek County Road & Bridge Dept. The squeaky hinge gets the oil.... Clear Creek Road & Bridge says they will be working on the road THIS WEEK (August 18-22). This would be a good week to climb a different mountain and give them some space and avoid the temporary closures while heavy equipment is on the road.. Fairwind    1 2    
2014-08-09 Most of the road is clear. I would have taken my Subaru Legacy, but right after the Private property sign there were some pretty big pot-holes. Saw a lot of people turning around. pandamonium  1       
2014-08-09 If you don‘t have a newish Outback (or similar) or better (see pictures from my previous report to see what will make it to the TH), just don‘t try to get to the trailhead. Every weekend there have been huge traffic jams from people who can‘t make it past the rough part and have to reverse quite a ways back down. The rough part is about halfway up the road, shortly after the sign that says "next 1.4 miles private land, stay on road." Saw an 07 Outback and surprisingly an Audi Allroad at the top today, otherwise SUVs. ezabielski    4      
2014-07-26 The road is rougher than last year, particularly the part shortly after the "1.4 miles of private land" sign. There are the usual large, loose, rocky ruts. Last year I bumbled through it in a 97 (St)outback. This year I thrashed around in it and couldn‘t get through. At the TH, there were several current gen Outbacks, and otherwise SUVs. One 97 Outback was at the TH to my amazement, but they said they bottomed out severely to get through the rough section. See picture for a sample of what got through. I parked next to the "1.4 miles" sign for the night. Note: even if you have a vehicle that can make it, good luck getting a parking spot. There were cars parked on the side of the road for two miles when I left! ezabielski  1       
2014-07-15 Road up to the trailhead is as how naterook described it. Made it up to the trailhead just fine in an Outback. hltmac         
2014-07-12 Most any car can make it about halfway up (saw everything including a prius) but just after are some dips that require more ride height and most likely 4WD/AWD. Made it up in the forester just fine. Lowest car I saw up at the top was an Impreza, but I can imagine they didn‘t make it without a few under body scrapes. naterook         
2014-07-11 There is a section of the road about 1 mile to the trail head that passenger cars should not attempt to pass. I saw quite a few suv‘s ( outbacks, rav 4‘s, santa fe‘s, etc..) that bottomed out while driving both up and down. But if you hate your car or are just looking to break it in really quick, you can be like the guy in the volvo I saw at the trailhead. Andymcp1         
2014-07-08 There are no snow or water hazards. You can get a 2wd up to the Grays junction, about one mile from the interstate. There lots of parking there. About 1/2 mile later you will run into a series of large holes in the road that will stop any low clearance car and probably anything that isn‘t 4wd. If you make it past that, you won‘t have any more difficulties. But many tried and ended up having to back down while tying up the road for everyone else. Also, note the second picture. Are those your keys? mspalding  2  3      
2014-06-27 The road is pretty rough..There is one spot as you climb past the Josephine Mine about 2/3 of the way up where the road is really ripped up. It‘s still possible with a 2WD truck and skillful driving but passenger cars risk serious damage. Please remember UPHILL traffic has the right of way. When you see the sign "Private Property next 1.4 Miles" you are about to begin the bad section.. Fairwind         

Pulling into the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)The upper parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)The start of the trail and bridge (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)Grays Peak TH (10–21–07) (Added by: rferrier on 2007-10-22)Right after the parking lot TH (Added by: polishruben on 2008-06-05)The infamous "rut" (Added by: schumi248 on 2008-09-18)The upper trail head parking lot by the bridge (Added by: ColoradoKrazy1 on 2009-05-09)The upper trail head parking lot by the bridge 5/8/09 (Added by: ColoradoKrazy1 on 2009-05-09)Bridge (Added by: xavier3181 on 2012-05-21)

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