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Grays Peak Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Normally itís Rough 2WD to the TH but some years it gets rough and might require 4WD. It always requires good-clearance.
Directions:  Take I-70 to the Bakerville exit (#221). Leave the highway and drive south over to the dirt parking area near the start of Forest Road 189. This is the winter trailhead and, even if the upper road is open, low-clearance passenger cars should park here. Itís almost 3 miles to the summer trailhead. Reach a junction after one mile - stay straight and follow the sign for the Grays Peak trailhead. Continue another 2 miles to the trailhead at 11,280í. There are restrooms and a few dispersed camping spots near the parking area.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the 189 road, near I-70.
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2013-10-26 Icy and a little washed out. AWD a must, unless you have some amazing snowtires, i saw an awd lexus sedan in the parking lot so geuss you can navigate the road with a low clearance car, but i wouldn‘t have. wisedog1         
2013-10-15 The road to the trailhead was covered with fairly packed new snow. The road was steep in just a few places and I made it ok with a 4 wheel drive SUV and regular tires, though I slid a bit on a couple of the climbs.. A local (who was skiing down the) said he forgot to put on his snow tires for his Toyota corolla and had to leave it at the bottom. The road didn‘t look like you needed high ground clearance when there is no snow and definitely not now when ruts and things are filled in. A local going the road with a Toyota Corolla shows that. But, snow was definitely an issue. Nice parking area at the trailhead with a restroom and just beyond the lot there were a few dispersed campsites that you could also drive to. I didnít see any water spigots, but there is a stream is just adjacent to the parking. fmritsi  2       
2013-10-12 On morning of 10/12 there was a cherry picker or some type of equipment blocking the road from the lower trail head. Could not get a car past, did not attempt to walk it. JohnnyZ         
2013-10-05 Drove an Oldsmobile minivan up to the TH. You do not need any more than 6 inches of clearance if you take it slowly. As of 10/5 there was fresh snow but it had melted by the afternoon. The Moose         
2013-09-28 Driving up, I thought only 4wd with good clearance was possible but there was a Honda Accord up there. gnargrizzly         
2013-09-21 Made it up in my manual ‘09 Subaru Outback... Barely! Had to ride the clutch real hard. Mostly 4wd cars at the top. Saw a few 2wd cars MannKevinJ         
2013-09-18 Clear zero flood damage. jamin1377         
2013-09-06 Up by 7:15 on Friday a.m., got a parking spot. Same conditions as noted in August. Drove a rented Toyota Rav 4 with no issues, slow going masonpips         
2013-08-15 Road conditions were same as described below, but I thought I should add another note about how crowded the TH parking area, and road can be. And this was on a Thursday morning. WRadigan         
2013-08-11 Road is rough in a few spots but as others have stated, all types of vehicles attempt to make it up. I personally wouldn‘t try it in a low clearance car but that‘s just me. Note that on the weekends, the upper TH fills up by 7, maybe even earlier. hikerdawg         
2013-08-10 Road conditions were great. The idiot parked half way across the road was the problem. C‘mon man!!! rtayne         
2013-08-10 Tons of people on the trail today. I made it up in a VW Jetta, but on the way down it was really torn up just west of the Private Property (1.4 miles) sign. Probably best to have something with good clearance for the rest of the season. trollman         
2013-08-08 There were rocks protruding and potholes in abundance on this road. I had a hard time with my 2wd high clearance vehicle! Whatever government agency is in charge of maintaining this road should send the road grader out more often. dougknee         
2013-07-26 Road is in pretty decent shape. I drove a Nissan Altima to the TH and scraped twice in a severly rutted area. Lots of low-clearance vehicles in the lot when I got back to the TH. A good driver in a low-clearance vehicle can make it with no problems, just take it slow. Greg YEAH         
2013-06-28 Road to TH is in good condition compared to previous years post winter state. No major obstacles in the road. Any small SUV or ambitious sedan can make the TH parking lot no problem. Saw plenty of small Cars at the TH including a mid 80‘s Toyota Carolla. Andymcp1         
2013-06-22 road is dry now - last bit of the avalanche drift melted today. Most of the road is rough but typical. Some small ruts but nothing big. cougar         
2013-06-15 A very large Dodge Ram turbo diesel make it through the snow area Friday afternoon as we scouted the road for a Saturday climb. On Saturday morning a Ford mid size pick up was extracting a Dodge Grand Cherokee‘s failed attempt. As I hiked up, the Ford passed us obviously successful traverse. The ruts in the snow are deep and all but very high clearance vehicles will bottom out. I saw the Toyota mentioned in the 6/14 report going out as well as a different Grand Cherokee. You need very high clearance, skill, and luck. I and others wisely decided to park down from the snow 2.1 (gps) from the winter lot. ALSO, this road is not one to take on with the Wagon Queen Family Truckster yet people attempt and make it. I saw a Toyota mini-van up there. Wheel spinning has led to deep holes and washboard at 1.6 to 1.7 mi. from the winter lot. These became worse just Friday to Saturday. DanandDad         
2013-06-14 The avalanche blockage still exists (30 yards or so). We hitched up with a Toyota Tundra that was able to make it past. They were the only car at the summer TH yesterday. I wonder how they got back through once things softened up in the afternoon. A 4WD Honda Pilot got stuck trying to get past around 11:30AM. Hopefully things will melt out in the next couple weeks. Until then, get there early to claim your spot. joelsteidl         
2013-06-11 Made it all the way to the summer TH. The snowfield at 10,800 is passable with high clearance 4wd. The biggest obstacle is returning back down and everyone parked wherever they feel like on (many nearly completely blocking) the narrow road. FatBaxter         
2013-06-05 Road is passable for 2wd vehicles for approx 2mi from I-70. Road is blocked by avalanche debris mentioned below and will likely stay that way for quite some time. Parking is limited. Closure is at ~10,800‘. Road is almost completely melted beyond this point; skiers will most likely want to bring trail runners to hike to summer TH and possibly beyond. adrenalated    4 1    
2013-05-12 There‘s about 12-18" of snow on the road to the Stevens/Grizzly split. It‘ll probably be a couple weeks until you can drive to that point. There‘s still about 8‘ of snow and debris covering the road where the avalanche came down, which is about 100yds up from the bunk house. That may take awhile to melt away. winmag4582001    2 1    
2013-04-21 Avalanche in the last week off of north side of Kelso Mountain has considerable debris covering the road in the middle of the 1.4 miles of private land. It could be a while this year to get to the summer TH. bmcqueen  1  4 1    
2013-03-10 No one parked higher then the parking lot right off I70. There were a few tire tracks going up, but after about a mile the tire tracks were gone. Michaelduha         
2013-02-16 You can safely drive to the Stevens/Grizzly intersection with a 4x4/AWD with good winter tires. You could make it to the old bunk house with some aggressive driving. Past that youĎd probably need chains and alot of power. The road above the bunk house has 3-8" of snow covering hard pack underneath. First pic is the summer trailhead, the second is a stuck 4runner about 400yds above the bunk house, third is a view of Kelso Ridge to Torreys. winmag4582001  3       
2013-02-09 Drove all the way to the summer trailhead in a 4x4 Jeep. During the day it snowed a few inches and made for a fun trip back down. Looks like several cars had attempted the drive throughout the day and failed. Conditions for us were a little slick but not too difficult in a 4x4. roonming         

Pulling into the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)The upper parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)The start of the trail and bridge (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-09-02)Grays Peak TH (10–21–07) (Added by: rferrier on 2007-10-22)Right after the parking lot TH (Added by: polishruben on 2008-06-05)The infamous "rut" (Added by: schumi248 on 2008-09-18)The upper trail head parking lot by the bridge (Added by: ColoradoKrazy1 on 2009-05-09)The upper trail head parking lot by the bridge 5/8/09 (Added by: ColoradoKrazy1 on 2009-05-09)Bridge (Added by: xavier3181 on 2012-05-21)

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