Crags Campground Trailhead
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Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Pikes Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the trailhead.
Directions:  Take U.S. 24 to Divide. Turn south onto Colorado 67 and drive 4.1 miles. Near a ranch, turn left onto a dirt road and follow it 3.0 miles to the trailhead. As of 2010, this is the new location of the trailhead. The old trailhead (0.3 miles higher) is being phased out and is not recommended unless you are camping at the Crags Campground. If you are, continue 0.1 mile farther up the road, turn left to enter the campground. At the far end of the campground there is access to the trail.
Winter Access:  Usually closed about 1.5 miles up but depends on winter conditions.
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2015-11-15 Road to Crags TH is snow packed but still accessible for low clearance vehicles. 4x4 recommended, but might not be necessary depending on your tires. (I used 4x4 in my truck, fwiw). d_baker         
2015-11-02 The road is snowpacked in spots, but still passable to any vehicle (at least until the storm comes in tonight). Jim Davies         
2015-09-24 Road to the trailhead is in excellent condition. Saw several passenger vehicles at the trailhead. The Forest Service said the campground will be closing on 9/28 but there is plenty of camping on the road before reaching the TH and Campground. hberry         
2015-08-02 Road to trailhead is in great shape. Dry and flat - made easily in a Honda Accord - a few washed out areas but nothing major. mbauer14         
2015-05-11 Hiked Pikes from Crags on 5/11. Morning road was snowpacked and icy, parked our Subaru Legacy(passenger vehicle) just past the Mennonite camp due to impassable conditions for our vehicle. In the afternoon, road had melted significantly. Patchy, but somewhat continuous snow in the center, while tire tracks are lots of mud, puddles, and potholes. Corey17         
2015-04-21 4wd is advised above the Mennonite camp. A tree has fallen across the road a few hundred feet shy of the parking area. Picture says a thousand words. Trail has a few feet of snow, in hindsight I would have taken snow shoes. skinner  1       
2015-04-13 Easy 4WD. Mostly clear of snow and ice. A little muddy on the way out. illusion7il         
2015-03-29 Almost a repeat of Crestoners‘ mid-month findings: Deep ruts with lots of snow on the road after the Mennonite camp. Some places looked pretty clearly to be where people have gotten stuck. Eagle Eye         
2015-03-15 The road is very icy past the Mennonite Camp. With 4WD, you should have no problem as long as you more-or-less stay in the ruts. There are several bough-lined trenches from those who did not. The TH parking lot is well-packed, and you won‘t have any trouble coming or going. Crestoner         
2015-02-12 When I went up yesterday, I‘d estimate there was around 8 to 18 inches of new snow above the Menonite camp. I‘ll copy and second Daniel‘s observations as pretty much what I saw. The road to the trailhead is like a slot car track--if you get out of the slot, you‘ll probably get stuck, even with 4x4. So, from the Mennonite Camp on up, definitely AWD or 4WD and don‘t pull over if you meet someone head on--back up instead. (There were two guys digging out their 4x4 trucks and, a bit lower down, another 4x4 truck well stuck in deep snow just off of the road. Stay on the packed tracks!) In the past couple of weeks, I‘ve seen 2 4x4 high clearance and 1 AWD low clearance stuck along the sides of that road. Problem is, there‘s not enough room for 2 vehicles to pass. Road to Menonite camp is part dry, part snowpacked, no problem at all. I made it to the TH, not much problem in my 4wd. There was deep, loose snow in the TH lot. I did notice a little feeling of floatation in my vehicle, in spots, during the drive back down to Menonite camp. JerryB    2      
2015-02-08 Same as the report on 2/6. The road from camp to the actual trailhead is well packed down, and an AWD vehicle with decent clearance should be able to make it up. However, you‘ll have to be very careful to stay in the tracks, as any deviation will likely sink you into snow that you won‘t be able to get out of without a lot of assistance. Shattuck311         
2015-02-06 2WD to the Mennonite Camp, HIGHLY recommend AWD or 4WD beyond that. There is a nice track there now, but it is slippery and if your slot car pops out of the track and into the ditch you‘ll likely be digging yourself out even with 4WD and chains. So, go slow and stay on the track. Consider backing up if you meet someone head on rather than sliding to one side. I met a couple and their dog in a Toyota 4x4 who tried to be nice and pull over for someone headed up the hill. They are now working on getting a tow truck out there to get them out--even chains and a friendly pull from a Jeep didn‘t do the trick. Go slow and stay on the tracks! (Did I say that already?) Daniel Joder         
2015-01-29 Current storm may change this if any snow comes out of it...But, for now, the dirt road was 2WD but with some snow and some icy patches to the Mennonite Camp. Above that, there are pretty good packed tracks that are probably passable in front WD with snow tires, but AWD/4WD better in case you slip out of the tracks and into the ditch--almost happened to me in my Tacoma and I would have been stuck fast without 4WD. The parking area at the trailhead was packed pretty flat for parking. I wouldn‘t go above the parking area--the campground is closed with a gate anyway and the area is holding boatloads of snow. Another recommendation: just walk up the road and through the campground to get to the trail. Taking the trail behind the restrooms seemed a whole lot longer, up/down, and circuitous. Daniel Joder         
2015-01-05 Road is plowed to 2wd trailhead just past Mennonite Camp. Approximately 12 to 14 inches of snow on the ground. The road to the campground and 4wd trailhead has been driven since the last snow storm on 1/1. Five 4wd vehicles made it to the campground. cascadecoach  1       
2014-12-26 Summited pikes via crags on Xmas day. 4x4 recommended. Don‘t even try in a 2wd sedan. I stayed the night last night there and 4 more inches fell over night up there. I saw two failed attempts by 2wds trying to come up the road BEFORE the Mennonite camp. It might get plowed later today tho,but it wasnt this morning. blakhawk         
2014-12-20 As expected, the road was plowed up to the end of the Mennonite camp property. After that there were nice worn-in tire tracks to follow through the snow all the way to the TH parking. Made it there no problem in my AWD Ford Escape and there was an AWD Outback sedan in the parking area as well. mikemalick         
2014-11-27 Made it easily in my Honda Civic. mrschaible         
2014-04-27 Arrival to trailead at 6am had several inches of snow on the road the entire way to TH. By afternoon departure, much of the snow on road had melted. Driveable entire way without any issues, slippery on the way out. Without any new snow, this road and probably parking lot will be 100% clear in the next day or so (my two-cents). Photos of trail and peak are in Peak Conditions report (same date). MissH         
2014-04-26 The drive up was great today. Most of the snow has melted off, so it was wetter than anything else. A couple of snowy spots where the ruts can still be seen, but those were no more than 3inches deep I saw a number of smaller 2WD vehicles parked at campsites and at the Crag‘s parking area. ebeye         
2014-03-28 Ditto what irregular_shed said. Has not snowed here in awhile. Drove to TH in stock 4WD GMC Yukon w/o problem. Saw Honda Accord (probably took some skill) and Subaru Outback at TH. Would not recommend leaving the ruts w/o 4WD. jeffth5    2      
2014-03-22 Road is plowed (great condition) to the first parking lot 1/2 mile after the Mennonite camp. Beyond that lot, there are 6-8" ruts in the snow which go down to the gravel. Any high clearance vehicle should have no problems making it all the way to the final parking lot, as long as you don‘t leave the ruts. Saw a Subaru Outback in the final parking lot. irregular_shed         
2014-03-08 Road was plowed to lower parking lot past Mennonite Camp. Past the P/L road was double rutted with about 1 ft of snow in middle. Made it to the Crags P/L in a Nissan Pathfinder. Snow was about 1 1/2 ft in P/L. Lots of people were parking in lower lot and snowshoeing & skiing up to the Crags. dwaits         
2014-02-16 I was up there last night for full-moon climb of Pikes. The road is plowed ~0.5 mile past the Mennonite Camp, then becomes dual track ruts. The track was incredibly icy...really, was like a luge run. I ran into a dug up mess that I was too timid to drive through, especially with a large rut nearly going off the road. I backed up ~250 feet to the "parking lot" for those low trailheads, and began walking the ~1 mile to the Crags TH. I soon came upon a flat-bed tow truck doing a 24-point turn around...soon after that was a full-sized pickup, hopelessly stuck. The guys had been out there since 3:00 was now 9:00 pm. Past them, the track had many spots with spruce boughs and heavily milled snow...a lot of people had problems. For now, park low, stay unstuck, it‘s just a 20-minute walk to the Crags parking lot. Crestoner         
2014-01-12 Road is in good shape. Anything with decent clearance should be able to make it to the TH Jay521    1      
2013-11-09 Clear of snow but icy. Should be good for any 2wd vehicle. mrschaible         

The trailhead parking area in 2010 (the fence should be done this summer) (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts to the right of the restrooms (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)Start of the trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)The trail starts with a stream crossing on a great bridge (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-07-02)

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