Kite Lake Trailhead
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Location:  Mosquito Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Bross
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  Take Colorado 9 to Alma. In the middle of town and on the west side of the road, look for a small sign for the road to Kite Lake. Turn here and drive a bit through a residential area. Continue 6 miles to Kite Lake. The last mile of this road can be a bit more rough, but a good-clearance 2WD should still be able to make it when the road is dry. There are restrooms and some camping spots at the trailhead. You must pay a small fee to park/camp at Kite Lake. If you park below (no fee), walk up the road to Kite Lake.
Winter Access:  Closed at the Paris Mill site which is about 3 miles up the road and 3 miles below Kite Lake.
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2014-10-05 Road clear and dry all the way to Kite Lake. There is a herd of elk hanging out in the area before the turn for Windy Ridge. Crestoner         
2014-09-27 Drove rented Toyota Sienna minivan all the way to Kite Lake and parked in the lot (last spot, closest to trailhead sign). Had no issue at all - there were a few potholes but all were either able to be driven around or through, by going slowly. It was completely dry the entire day masonpips         
2014-09-27 Road to Kite Lake is in great shape. 2WD fine. I drove my Toyota Sienna van and had to be careful in a few spots. Worst road condition is between switchback right before you arrive and the camping/trail head site. With cars parked on both sides - you have to negotiate some serious potholes. Slow and careful is the key. A low of 38-degrees with some light frost but nothing frozen. CO_GPS_Guy         
2014-08-31 I rented a KIA Sportage and had no problem getting up to the lake. I think just about any car could make it up if you go slow and around bad spots. bking14ers         
2014-08-19 I did it with a Ford Fiesta, the last yards were a little bit rocky with a lot of potholes. Even if I‘m a student, I recommand to pay the fees (3$) and park on the flat surface. Just to make sure that the way is clear for those that would like to avoid the potholes. AlpineCarole  1       
2014-08-09 I‘m a relatively ‘fraidy-cat driver who made it to the trailhead in good weather in my 2006 Subaru Outback without a problem. In my opinion, most of the road is fine, with a few areas that require slow speeds and some forethought. kaykosan         
2014-08-08 I drove to the trailhead on 8/8 and left it on 8/10. No issues making it in my Honda Pilot other than feeling like I was shaking loose every bolt on the vehicle. I sure would not try it in a sedan or other vehicle that does not have extra ground clearance ... at least not if I cared about the car‘s undercarriage. Did the 4 14er‘s. Amazing day. Take poles for the loose rock descent!!! 2T47         
2014-08-03 Drove the road in a CRV and what a difference a day makes. Going up was not that bad, there were some dips and holes at various places but nothing too bad. For some reason, overnight the upper part of the road just below the parking lot had gotten much worse. I would not do it in a car. Deep holes, large rocks, and several cross ruts made the road much worse. trlhiker    4      
2014-07-28 Drove in the dark to Kite Lake trailhead. Go slow in Alma to find the turn. Road is totally clear. A few big rocks in the road and some good bumps that stretch across the road, but most of the difficulties avoidable and no need for 4WD. emgordon         
2014-06-21 Road is now clear all the way to the TH. Road seems to be in the same condition as the past few years- many 4 door cars were at the TH. Andymcp1    1    
2014-06-15 Still several snowdrifts completely blocking the road about 0.6 miles from Kite Lake trail head. Ran into some hikers that had summitted Lincoln, Bross and Cameron without much problem. But Kite Lake is still frozen over and there is lots of snow everywhere. lkaras         
2014-06-07 Still a few drifts preventing access to the TH, but I‘d venture to say I‘ve parked further away in the summer on a busy weekend... less than a 1/2 mile. kircher    1    
2014-06-04 You can drive about 2 miles past Paris Mill to within a mile or so of Kite Lake. After that there are some heavy drifts that will be there for a while. Nelson         
2014-03-13 Road to Kite Lake is lightly snow-covered (any car can make it up) to the closure near the Paris Mill. After that its well-packed for a bit, then windblown deep snow to Kite Lake. Bring snowshoes or expect to posthole in waist deep snow in some parts. The Moose    3      
2014-01-20 I found the same road conditions as reported by awilbur77 below, no chance of driving past this point currently. Plenty of room to safely park or turn around at this place. Eagle Eye         
2014-01-02 Right before the Paris Mill, there is a 5ft tall snow drift across the road. There‘s no getting around it unless you have a monster truck, or a snow blower. I didn‘t even try it in a lifted Jeep Wrangler. There is a parking area here, and you will be starting your hike about 2.7 miles shy of the Kite Lake TH. awilbur77    1      
2013-12-22 Road up to the winter parking area is almost bare. The usual drift on the hill at the winter parking area is just deep enough to prevent driving up. Otherwise the rest of the road up to the lake is only partially snow covered. The bathrooms are closed for lack of gov. funding. I see that there is now a nice wind break in front of them which we sheltered in for lunch. Some low life had taken a dump in there and covered it with a rock - like that somehow makes it acceptable. wincoder         
2013-11-09 Accessible by 2wd to the TH. Several patches of snow no more than a few inches deep on the road. Bathrooms are locked up and out of service. Bring your TP and bags! zdero1         
2013-10-12 Certainly driveable with a passenger car that has decent clearance. My Forester made it all the way with no problems. There was a Prius about a quarter mile from the official trailhead, AFTER the switchbacks. No snow on the road to speak of yet. stevevets689         
2013-09-30 We took my 4Runner up there yesterday. My friend felt his Subaru would have made it fine. That said - I wouldn‘t have liked taking my Buick up it. The repair to the "wash-out" was done nicely & snow was not an issue on the drive or hike. Windy conditions - still managed to have a great day and tag all 5 points of interest. TakeMeToYourSummit         
2013-09-26 Road was open all the way to the TH. I saw one 2WD Honda sedan at the trail head and felt I could have drove a 2WD ... very slowly. There were about 4 spots on the road that could be tricky. I used a Tracker, no problems, no 4WD needed. spartan7mg         
2013-09-21 The road to Kite lake is open to the TH was up there yesterday. brech    2      
2013-09-21 I am hearing 2nd hand that the road to Kite Lake is now open to the TH, 4wd recommended for the last mile. I‘ll be heading up there tonight and will provide an update. zdero1         
2013-09-18 The Kite Lake road is closed at this point (as of 9/1: N 39 18.529 W 106 07.079 brianlpowers         
2013-09-18 The road to Kite Lake Trailhead is closed 1.8 miles away from the trailhead, not 1 mile as previously reported. If you plan to do the Decalibron, plan accordingly! brianlpowers    2      

Looking north past Kite Lake – Mt. Cameron is right of center (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-05-15)The trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2008-10-07)Parking (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2008-10-07)The restrooms (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2008-10-07)The rode is blocked just after the parking. The trail starts here. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2008-10-07)

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