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Fourmile Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Mosquito Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Sherman
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH. In spring, the upper portions of the road may require 4WD when wet.
Directions:  From Fairplay, drive just over a mile south on U.S. 285 and turn right onto County Road 18. Drive 10 miles to a large parking area at 11,250'. This is the Leavick site. There is a large mine building on the right before the parking area. The road starts to get rough after this point but passenger cars can slowly drive another 1.5 miles before the road gets harsh. There are a couple of small pull-offs between 11,700' and 11,900' and more parking before a gate near 12,000'. The gate is usually closed. In winter, the road is usually plowed only to 11,100' which is one mile below the Leavick site.
Winter Access:  Closed near 11,100' below the Leavick site.
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2015-01-21 I drove to winter closure at 11000 with no problems. When I drove out it had snowed four or five inches and it was snowing hard. Nelson         
2015-01-17 Driving with my Subaru Outback to the winter closure TH was not a problem, some snow and icy spots here and there. javy20040         
2015-01-10 Had to park 1 mile back from the large Leavick Mine Building. It‘s pretty obvious where to park as the road abruptly goes from gravel and sporadic mashed down snow drifts to a wall of continuous snow. Save yourself the digging and just park here. There will be no where to turn around or park after this. Besides... It‘s winter don‘t ruin the Skin Tracks! It‘s 4.6 miles to the summit via the South Slopes. Skied both ways continuous except for a dry spot at the junction and a 100 yards of Scree up on the face. Taillon75    3      
2014-12-31 There is a "No Winter Maintenance" sign on the Fourmile Creek Rd about 4 miles from 285. This is at the curve at the southernmost point of the road at about 10,100‘. The road was plowed to this point. After that, there were vehicle tracks continuing, but I opted to park my low-clearance car there, as the tracks looked deep enough that I figured I was likely to get stuck. The road was entirely snow-covered beyond that point, varying from a few inches to maybe a foot in a few spots. An Xterra passed me as I walked the road and managed to drive about 5 miles beyond where I parked. So, with 4WD and adequate clearance, one can still get close to the older winter TH right now. The driver of the Xterra was headed to his cabin and confirmed that the road was no longer being plowed past the sign. John Prater    1    
2014-12-06 Plowed to Winter TH at about 11000 ft.(9 miles from285). Everyone was parked there. Nelson         
2014-11-09 Road clear to the gate. Significant washboard the first few miles after Four Mile Creek turns to dirt. dash83         
2014-10-25 Road clear to gate. Beware of cattle guard where the pavement ends, it can be a hard hit. MountainHiker         
2014-10-17 Road is clear of snow all the way to the gate gregpeak         
2014-10-14 A bit of snow on the road but nothing most cars cant handle. Got a bit slushy on the way down about 11:30AM but definitely doable in most cars. somethingrandom         
2014-09-28 Drove a rented Toyota Sienna minivan all the way to the gate with no issues whatsoever. It‘s a long dirt/gravel road, but there were not many potholes and no issues at all masonpips         
2014-09-28 The road to the gate is really 2WD. A few rocks on the road may need to be avoided but I just took my Honda Odyssey all the way to the gate with 5 adults on board with no problems. xrcdrvr         
2014-07-19 Drove Toyota corolla to gate at trail head. Just swerve around occasional rock sticking up and take your time. Lute82         
2014-07-19 The road was very passable up to the gate. I was actually expecting it to be much rougher. The stretch immediately before the gate is a little rocky, but no deep holes or tracks to work around. Most decent 2WD vehicles should be able to make it with a little maneuvering. Several people had even driven through the gate up to the first mine buildings, but this isn‘t suggested because the gate is sometimes closed, and it really only saves you a couple minutes of walking. lpeabbles         
2014-06-19 Road gets rough but is drivable all the way in. If you have very low clearance watch to miss an occasional rock. EZSide         
2014-06-13 Trail was clear up to the gate. Reyven    1    
2014-06-05 The road is easily drivable all the way to the gate at 12,000. The gate is actually open but everyone parked there because you can‘t drive much farther. Nelson    1    
2014-06-01 Road is clear to within 1/2 mile of the normal, summer parking (12,000‘). At that point there‘s one short snow section that some vehicles have driven through (while firm) but it‘s a major obstacle for most vehicles. BillMiddlebrook    4      
2014-05-24 Beyond the normal winter closure area there are a few small patches of snow but good-clearance vehicles can get to within 0.25 mile of Leavick. BillMiddlebrook         
2014-05-18 Trail open to the normal winter closure. After that point, the snow was a foot deep in some areas. Snow was quickly melting, but I suspect it will be a few week before driving to the summer TH. dcbates80911         
2014-05-10 Still 1-2 feet of snow on road about 2 miles before Leavick. Plan on stopping here unless you drive a snowcat or snowmobile. CookieMonster         
2014-05-04 Road is passable and bare to 1 mile short of the Leavick site. There still is 1-2 feet of snow on the road, but it is melting quick. I would guess another couple weeks and the road will be clear. cascadecoach         
2014-04-25 The road is dry and passable by 2wd cars for about 8 miles past the end of the pavement. My stock 4x4 tacoma sank in immediately after that so I parked there. Skied Boudoir Couloir on Horseshoe A and only had to walk about 30m all day. benglish         
2014-04-20 Road mostly dry until 6th mile. Can get through snow drifts easily with momentum and following other‘s tracks. Got my Outback stuck in hard snow near 7.5 mile this morning. Spent 30 minutes digging it out, then parked, then summited ;) Lots of postholing on the slog back to the car this afternoon. Snow on the road is melting fast, but still lots of it! Spring is here?! MissH  2  8      
2014-03-30 County Road 18 is only dry for the first 6 miles (out of 10 to the trailhead), after that it is snow-covered and pretty rough, probably requiring high clearance and 4x4. We didn‘t make it to the trailhead. JCMello14         
2014-03-15 Drove up 5.8 miles of the road in a Subaru Outback until unplowed snow stopped our progress. This is just over 4 miles from Leavick. We skinned up about 1.5 miles on mostly continuous, wind-packed snow before the road was so bare we turned around. DanielL         

The parking area just below the gate. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-09)The gate at approx. 12,100‘. Mt. Sheridan is in the background. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-09)Taken 5/8/09. As far as I went (and others). 1 mi. past the Leavick site. 11,700 (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/9/09. Some slop on the way back down. Not bad for 4WD at all. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/8/09 1 mi. past Leavick site. 11,700‘. Close–up. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/9/09 from just above the summer gate, looking back down the road. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Parking for a little over a dozen cars at the gate (Added by: bblack99 on 2009-07-05)Parking for 10+ cars around ~11,800‘.  This rut is easy with an S–curve ap (Added by: bblack99 on 2009-07-05)Parking Spot at 11,580‘ (Added by: Dad Mike on 2009-11-22)

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