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Fourmile Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Mosquito Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Sherman
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH. In spring, the upper portions of the road may require 4WD when wet.
Directions:  From Fairplay, drive just over a mile south on U.S. 285 and turn right onto County Road 18. Drive 10 miles to a large parking area at 11,250'. This is the Leavick site. There is a large mine building on the right before the parking area. The road starts to get rough after this point but passenger cars can slowly drive another 1.5 miles before the road gets harsh. There are a couple of small pull-offs between 11,700' and 11,900' and more parking before a gate near 12,000'. The gate is usually closed. In winter, the road is usually plowed only to 11,100' which is one mile below the Leavick site.
Winter Access:  Closed near 11,100' below the Leavick site.
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2010-10-30 Small patches of snow/ice until mile marker 8-9, at which point there is consistently 3-6+ inches of snow and ice covering the road. My 4WD Audi A4 made it until this point and started bottoming out/sliding. A Subaru made it about one half a mile further up the road, but unless you have either a car with exceptional clearance or a truck/jeep/SUV I would not recommend making an attempt for the gate. Expect to hike two to three miles to the gate where the actual trail begins. MONDOMD         
2010-10-30 Park at the Leavick Site mine building or at the flat spot 50yrds past the mine building at the top of the little hill. I was unable to push through the snow a half mile up from the mine building and I have a 07 Pathfinder with aggressive tires. winmag4582001         
2010-10-16 Drove up to the gate no problem in an Xterra, no 4x4 needed today. Saw some passanger vehicles there as well. No snow, some patches of ice along the road but nothing to worry about. zoriloco         
2010-07-26 Drove all the way to the 12,000 ft gate in a 2WD 4Runner. Last section after lower parking area was fairly rough, but easily managable if you go slow. Gator         
2010-06-06 Road is clear of snow all the way to trailhead/gate at 12000‘. Stock 4WD Jeep made it with no problems whatsoever. 2WD vehicles could likely make it far as well. Lots of pull off spots to park just in case you don‘t think your vehicle can make it all the way. bxphreak         
2010-06-01 Road is Clear all the way to the 12,000‘ gate. Road is not in too bad condition. Montowski1         
2010-05-30 Any vehicle should be able to make it all the way to the gate at 12,000 ft. now. The only concern for a 2wd. may be some of the ice in the early morning and fairly heavy snow melt/muddy mess during the last half of a mile or so before the gate in the afternoons. My-Therapy         
2010-05-24 Got to 11,700 (our chosen starting point) with no issues in a stock 4-Runner. A well-driven 4 wheel drive can get all the way to the gate. There is one drift that would block low-clearance vehicles (risk of getting high centered in the ruts) at about 11,850, but there were several tracks of high-clearance (probably higher-clearance stock SUVs and better) vehicles getting to the gate. Above that drift, there are still some spots of snow on the right half of the road, but you probably could either drive over it or around it (other tracks did both). With continued warm temps these drifts will be gone soon. Water had frozen on the road in the AM, but we passed it with no problems. It was melted in the late morning. BobbyFinn         
2010-05-23 Took a Honda Civic a mile beyond the Leavick townsite to the trailhead for Horseshoe Mountain. Quite a few trucks and SUVs went beyond there. CO Native         
2010-05-22 Looking great as of 5/22/10. Good clearence and 4 wheel drive are still recommended to make it past the Leavick site. A good 4x4 shouldn‘t have any trouble making it to the gate or a lower lot. HMS         
2010-05-09 Yep, as avs88fan says, there‘s a big snowdrift just past Leavick. Upon arriving this morning, I came across a Chevy Blazer that was completely stuck in that snowdrift. Looked like they made it halfway up it, in the tracks, but then slid to the left and the left-front nose of the truck dove down into the snow. It took a couple tries, but I was able to yank their truck out of there. After dealing with that, I decided to just park there. That, and I worried that it would be really slushy later in the day, which it was, so getting back down wouldn‘t be easy. All that said, I imagine it will melt fast. It‘s amazing what a week or two of warm weather can do. Aubrey  1       
2010-05-08 Big snow drift still right up the hill after Leavick. Got through it with 4wd pretty easily but was stopped right after due to patchy snow drifts. Saw tire tracks around 11,600 but not sure how they didn‘t get stuck. avs88fan  2       
2010-05-06 Still blocked by the Big Drift at the Leavick site. It's getting closer though... We barely made it over the drift with a little yota but almost got stuck. its still pretty rough looking above that so we didn‘t try to get any further. Won't be long now. HMS         
2010-05-02 Road easily driveable to Leavick...4WD a good idea. A large snowdrift blocks the road at Leavick. Horseshoe and Fourmile Campgrounds still closed. Crestoner         
2010-04-11 Multiple 4WD drives made it to the Leavick townsite today. A snow drift prevents further passage. The last mile of the road was still pretty snowy and slushy, I would consider bringing a shovel for added insurance. We needed it when we pulled off to the side to let another 4WD pass us on the way up. Cars were still parking lower down the road. sdkeil         
2010-04-11 Road open to normal winter closure, 1 mile below Leavick. Some cars have tried and failed to get to Leavick. A Dodge Durango made it to Leavick yesterday morning when the snow was hard and was able to drive out before 4pm. BillMiddlebrook         
2010-03-13 The road is in good shape all the way to Leavick, where the plow berm has stopped everybody except for the snowmobiles. The snow beyond Leavick isn‘t very deep, and it should be passable by 4WD before too long. Greenhouseguy         
2010-03-06 Good News! The road has been plowed all the way to the Leavick site, 1 mile up from the normal winter closure. It was plowed on 3/4/2010 but I don't know if they will continue to keep it plowed that far. BillMiddlebrook         
2010-02-20 Following the recent snowfall, the Four Mile Creek road is, well, covered in snow. Today there was about 6-10 inches of soft snow covering the road surface. We were able to 4 wheel through the fresh powder to about 9.5 miles, and then it became a little sketchy, even a tricked out rig wouldn‘t be able to make it much further than that. mrgooseskin         
2010-01-17 Just a restatement of Kevin‘s comments: I drove my Corolla to the nine mile + mark along the FourMile access road Sarurday 1/16 with absolutely no problems - 99.5% no snow until the 9 mile mark. I actually drove it another half mile or so but decided it was not a good idea - the snow quickly got deeper and softer than I was comfortable with. Four wheel drive will get you maybe another hundred yards. Alpine         
2010-01-16 The road is accessible to the normal winter closure near 11,100‘. A car with snow tires can make it up to that point, though I would recommend other vehicles stop where the deeper snow begins. There is no defined place at the end of the area an which to turn around. I spent over an hour slowly turning around at that location and significantly tore up the snow at the end of the drivable part of the road. Kevin8020         
2009-11-28 The road is still open to the gate at 12,000 feet. Was up there on 11/28 to ski Sherman and even a few cars were able to drive almost to the gate. BillMiddlebrook         
2009-11-26 Road is still open to the gate at 12,000‘. 4WD is required because there is a thin layer of packed snow above the normal winter closure. Drove my Suburban up there on 11/25. BillMiddlebrook         
2009-11-22 Road was mostly clear to Leavick...passenger cars would have no issues. We stopped at 11,600 for the Horseshoe turnoff, but could have made it to the gate with no problem in a stock jeep wrangler. Dad Mike         
2009-10-17 basically dry to just beyond Levick. Last mile had snow. 4WDs made it to the gate. The snow got slushy during the day. It was probably more icy the following evening. MountainHiker         

The parking area just below the gate. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-09)The gate at approx. 12,100‘. Mt. Sheridan is in the background. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-09)Taken 5/8/09. As far as I went (and others). 1 mi. past the Leavick site. 11,700 (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/9/09. Some slop on the way back down. Not bad for 4WD at all. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/8/09 1 mi. past Leavick site. 11,700‘. Close–up. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Taken 5/9/09 from just above the summer gate, looking back down the road. (Added by: Aubrey on 2009-05-09)Parking for a little over a dozen cars at the gate (Added by: bblack99 on 2009-07-05)Parking for 10+ cars around ~11,800‘.  This rut is easy with an S–curve ap (Added by: bblack99 on 2009-07-05)Parking Spot at 11,580‘ (Added by: Dad Mike on 2009-11-22)

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