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Moose Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Mosquito Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Bross, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Democrat
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD Dirt and plowed to the TH in winter.
Directions:  From Fairplay, take Colorado 9 to the town of Alma. From the center of Alma, continue north for about 1/2 mile and turn left on the Park County 6 road. After 1.4 miles, turn left onto Quartzville road. Near 2.2 miles, stay left at a confusing intersection. Near 3.5 miles, reach the intersection of Zinc Road. This is the trailhead. Zinc road turns left and is usually not plowed in winter. Park at the road junction, but be sure not block either road.
Winter Access:  Quarzville road is plowed. The start of Zinc Road is plowed, so there is usually parking for a few cars.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-03-15 "Stay left at interesting intersection" means make a hairpin 180 at said intersection. In any case, road was muddy & slushy but easy enough to make it up, probably about 5-6 parking spots at the intersection of Zinc & Quartzville rds adamjm         
2013-08-27 There is room for at least one car to pull off Zinc Road, just after leaving Quartzville Road. One could walk a half mile along Quartzville road to do the Quartzville route on Lincoln without having to brave the jeep road to the Quartzville parking area alanecharlesworth         
2013-03-30 Clear and mostly-dry the whole way. Easily accessible by low-clearance 2WD cars. Bean         
2012-03-04 Any car can make it almost up to Moose Creek TH. There is a small drift just before the Zink Rd junction. Past that, the road was mostly clear but had some large drifts, about 1 -2 feet deep. Crest Drive, totally un-drivable. TheOtherIndian         
2012-02-11 Road is plowed and open all the way to the TH. A packed layer of snow on top, for which 4wd was helpful, but probably not necessary. We parked on a small pull-off to the East of the road, just before the private property signs. However, upon our descent we encountered a guy in a truck who warned us we were "not supposed to park on county roads" and that next time "you‘ll get towed." Don‘t know the validity of this, but something to think about for anyone considering this TH.... Zambo         
2012-01-04 Road to TH has some patchy ice on it but easily driveable. 2WD cars could make it. There is a spot for a couple cars just before a private property sign. The key to finding the TH is to make a hard left turn to stay on Quartzille road (Ridge road goes straight). jimmtman         
2011-04-09 Road is totally dry and plowed, with a parking area for a few cars totally clear (but a little muddy in the afternoon). Bean         
2011-01-03 The road is plowed all the way up but it is completely snow packed and has a few drifts. Not huge but a small clearance vehicle might have a tough time right now. metalmountain         
2010-01-16 Plowed to the trailhead. A lot of packed snow and a 10 or 20 foot section of ice over a flat part of the road, but that shouldn‘t stop a car with decent tires. 4wd not needed. There are footprints in the snow about .1 miles up the left side of the road as Bill‘s directions say for where you should exit the road. BobbyFinn         
2009-12-22 The road and pull-off under the Zinc Road sign were plowed today. Plenty of parking. Open to view photo. BillMiddlebrook  1       
2009-03-04 The intersection has been plowed out by heavy equipment and there is parking near the Zinc Road sign. BillMiddlebrook         

The Zinc road junction seen from Quartzville road. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-03-05)

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