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Matterhorn Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  San Juan Mountains
14ers Served:  Wetterhorn Peak, Uncompahgre Peak
Road Type:  Moderate 4WD, long wheel base vehicles not recommended. Good clearance required. 4   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to 10,300’. 4WD to 10,800’ at the TH.
Directions:  From Lake City, turn west onto Second street. Drive 0.1 mile and turn left onto Henson Creek Road (Alpine Loop Scenic Byway) and begin measuring mileage from here. Near 5 miles, pass the Nellie Creek trailhead sign. Near 9 miles, turn right onto the North Henson Road which is more rough than the Henson Creek road but can still be driven by most good-clearance vehicles. Near 11 miles, there is another junction with a sign indicating the Matterhorn Creek trailhead is ahead. Park here if you don’t have a 4WD vehicle or turn right and continue 0.7 mile to the trailhead and parking area.
Winter Access:  Usually closed a short distance up the Henson Creek road - many miles from the TH.
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2012-08-25 My 2WD Camry made it to turnoff to Matterhorn Creek TH. A few spots on the "North Henson Creek" road made me cringe a little but I went slowly and made it through. To get to the upper 4WD trail you need a vehicle with some serous clearance, tires, and you must possess proficient driving skills; if you have to pass someone you‘re in big trouble. Even if I had a 4WD I‘d just walk - driving saves you only 0.7 miles. zephyr_pelicante         
2012-06-23 Road to the LOWER parking area is easier than the road going all the way up to Nellie Creek TH (Uncompahgre). We saw an Impreza WRX at this lower Matterhorn TH area. Having heard of the steepness of the road leading up to the upper TH, we left my manual tranny ‘07 Forester XT (7.9" clearance, 99.4" wheelbase) at this lower area, also. Beyond this, we only saw large pickups, Jeeps, and a 4Runner at the upper TH. Just before reaching the upper TH, the road forks with both options leading to the upper parking, but as mentioned in previous posts, the left option is the way to go unless you‘re looking for something interesting. Spots for 3-4 tents at the top. At the base of the fork mentioned above, there‘s space for maybe 1-2 tents more. AeroFaze         
2012-05-25 The TH is completely dry and open for business. Any remaining snow from a few weeks ago is long gone, and the road is in great shape for any competent 4wd vehicle. Agree with Anna that the best option is to go left near the top of the 4wd TH. Zambo         
2012-04-07 The Hanson Creekroad is closed at the Nellie Creek Turn off. This means you have an extra 6 mile walk to the upper Matterhorn TH. I noticed that quite a few people were going around the closure to the right . On the day I was there they were getting up to 10,100 or .4 miles on the North Hanson road. Things ar melting fast and I am sure that equally nefarious people will soon be able to get to the turn off to the upper trailhead. Nelson         
2011-07-31 The 4wd trail consists of the final 0.8 miles to the trailhead with the roughest section being the lowest 0.2 miles of the road. The road improves slightly after this lower section. The character of this road is slow driving and tire placement. I had no problems in a stock jeep cherokee, never bottomed out and it took about 15 minutes to reach the top. There is sufficient room to pass opposing vehicles along the way. MonGoose         
2011-06-15 Open to the upper, 4WD trailhead. BillMiddlebrook         
2011-05-28 Once turning off onto the Matterhorn Creek Road, you can get approx .5 miles up the rough 2wd road before having to stop. From there, there are still some sizeable and deep drifts intermittently all along the way to the lower TH. From the lower TH to the upper 4wd TH, there is deep snow almost the entire way. Bad news is, right now you can expect to add 1.5 miles to get up the road, good news is that it is only approx 500 vertical and an easy hike in. Given how much snow is still on the road, my guess is it will take some time still before it fully dries out. Zambo    1      
2011-05-14 The gate is open and the road is plowed past Capitol City. Once turning off onto the Matterhorn Creek Road, you can get about 1/4-1/2 mile up before the snow is too deep to drive through. There is parking at this area. Easy access is now available for this peak. PKelley         
2011-04-13 Gate still closed, and road is getting less and less snow covered. Your sled will hate you if you go right now. PKelley         
2011-04-03 Gate still closed 1/4 mile above Nellie Creek. We were able to snowmobile to Matterhorn trailhead. ~1/3 mile of dry road broken by patches of snow going to Capitol City. cjw    1    
2010-08-03 Made it no problem to the lower trailhead in my Subaru outback. Road is clear and really not very rough up until the last half mile which is clearly marked as high clearance only. crossfitter         
2010-06-15 The trees have been removed and the road is completely clear to the upper trailhead. PKelley         
2010-06-08 Matterhorn creek road is clear of snow to the upper trialhead, however, the down tree reported earlier has still not been cleared. As a result, the road is closed about .3 miles from the 2WD parking. There is a small parking area forming at the downed tree. I have reported this to Hinsdale County Roads and Bridges department (ran into them on the way out) - hopefully they‘ll take care of it. Kevin8020         
2010-05-15 North Henson road open all the way to the Matterhorn Creek road, but there is a heavy drift followed by a big downed tree just a short distance up the road. Recommend hiking from the base of Matterhorn Creek road stevevets689         
2010-05-03 Open .9 miles up the North Fork Henson drainage. cjw         
2010-04-16 The Henson Creek road is currently gated right after the Uncompahgre 2WD trailhead, over 6 miles below the Matterhorn Creek trailhead. BillMiddlebrook         
2009-08-11 The info page on driving time lists the time from Durango to the TH as 2.5 hours via Alpine Loop road starting at Ouray. I‘m not sure how they did that since it took me 4 hours. The road to Engineer pass is the roughest one I‘ve been on. towmanjim         
2009-06-28 We talked with someone that said this was a bit tougher than the 4wd road into American Basin. Most of it looks easy, but some places would take clearance and tire placement. It gets much more difficult after a flat area with a grassy spot to the left, about half way up. I saw an XTerra, Tundra, and a Jeep at the top. emcee smith         
2009-06-24 Road clear of snow and dry to upper 4WD trailhead. Pappy         
2009-06-21 Clear and dry. Dorje1018         
2009-05-16 North Henson Creek Road is open, dry and passable to the 4WD cutoff. The 4WD road is clear except for a 40 foot long section of knee deep snow in the first several hundred yards. elchivoloco         
2009-05-11 North Henson Creek Road is open driveable for 1.2 miles. At 1.2 mile mark there is a 12" dia. aspen over the road. After the aspen, the road is clear to the 4WD cutoff. There was one drift at about mile 0.9 easily crossed by Toyota Tacoma, should be 2wd crossable this coming weekend (or right now with given ten minutes work with a shovel). 4WD road is drifted edge to edge soon after 0.1 mile, drifts were knee deep post hole soft on May 10th. But for drifts lower on 4wd road, remainder is open to the 4wd parking area. Wyoming Bob         
2008-08-17 Up to about 3 miles from the trail head, a passenger car can make this. After that, a 4WD is probably recommended. I got a 2000 Dodge Durango (in other words, long and low) up it with no problem. A high clearance or subaru type vehicle should be able to do it. There is large open camp spot 1/4 mile from the trail head and then one more 200 yds from the trail head. 3-Bean         
2008-07-10 Clear all the way up. 2wd/passenger cars can make it without a problem. bradyj         
2008-06-15 The 4wd road is snow free to the trailhead and parking area. piper14er         

The 4WD trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2011-06-15)At the 4WD road junction. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2011-12-12)

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