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Baldwin Gulch Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Antero
Road Type:  Moderate 4WD, long wheel base vehicles not recommended. Good clearance required. 4   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Easy 2WD dirt to 9,400' at start of the Baldwin Gulch road.
4WD to 12,000' in Baldwin Gulch.
Narrow 4WD to 13,100'.
Directions:  From the junction of U.S. 285 and U.S. 24, south of Buena Vista, drive 5.5 miles south on U.S. 285 and turn right (west) on Chaffee County Road 162 - towards Mt. Princeton. Drive almost 12.5 miles on this road (dirt after 10 miles) to reach the signed Baldwin Gulch Jeep Road on the left (also listed as the 277 Road). If you plan on parking here, there are plenty of pull-offs along the road. This is the lower trailhead. Short, high-clearance 4WD vehicles can drive up the 277 road. Above the river crossing (10,850'), there are dispersed camping spots along the side of the road.
Winter Access:  Usually closed at the start of the Baldwin Gulch 4WD road.
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2011-04-16 Snow starts at the bottom of 277. You can drive 1/4 mile up 277 but there isn‘t anywhere to park (no surprise there) so you have to start at the bottom anyway at 9,400ft. Carl         
2010-12-03 Access to the lower trailhead is easy by car, packed snow on the road. No chance of making it up more than 100 yards up the road to the 4wd trailhead. yorksman         
2010-06-13 Road was completely passable to ~12,800-13,000ft. We saw a jeep parked at ~12,300 on one switchback pulloff. There is a snow embankment that hangs on the right part of the road at ~12,500ft, but should be able to be skirted on the left hand side. Lyssah         
2010-05-29 Clear. A Jeep and a Ford Explorer made it a little ways past Baldwin Creek with no problem. Picture is our party standing in front of Baldwin Creek. randalmartin  1       
2010-05-23 Road is still blocked by snow about 1/2 mile up from the 2WD trailhead. It will be at least another week, possibly longer. There are also a number of trees down across the road that will need to be removed before the upper TH can be accessed. Kevin8020         
2010-05-16 Road is blocked by snow about 1/2 mile up. It will be at least another 2 weeks BillMiddlebrook         
2010-04-13 Winter closure still in effect (as of 4/11/10). Road to that spot was dry. The 4w road consisted of a solid pack trail from snowmobiles and snowshoes about two people wide; snow to either side varied from a few feet deep to melted out in a few spots. Marmot72         
2009-10-25 we got a Jeep Rubicon a very short distance up the road before the ice under the snow kept us from going any further. With chains it is possible we could have made it to the lower creek crossing. After the 1st creek crossing the road has more than a foot of snow pack. centrifuge         
2009-10-19 10/18/09: Road was free of snow until just above the second creek crossing (about 1/2 mile or so above the road split). The lower shelf road has some water on it, so be careful after a freeze as it may be icy. Above the second creek crossing patchy icy snow to treeline then more consistent snow on the switchbacks (depending on which direction they face). This info is only good until the next storm... Chicago Transplant         
2009-07-13 The road is completely clear of snow. Bumpy as usual on the lower portion. Requires clearance and good driving. If you have enough clearance to make it to the creek crossing, the creek crossing is no issue. If desired, an experienced driver could drive most stock 4wds to the highest point on the road to Antero. RoanMtnMan         
2009-06-26 Road is almost free of snow. Saw one patch at about 13,000 that a Jeep tour was able to drive though. Just added a trip report with good pics of the road: We went in a Land Rover and had no problems. Saw a truck stopped at the Lake, and a Cherokee at tree line. l-a         
2009-06-08 Road is in good shape and clear of snow until about 12,700. Stream crossing @ Baldwin Gulch/Lake intersection was not a problem in my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Miners are shoveling the snow off the road and I would anticipate the road to be snow free within a couple of weeks. mattpayne11         
2009-06-01 Creek about a foot deep and passable. Small patches of snow on the road above the creek but melting quickly. higherhigher         
2009-05-23 The road up to Baldwin Creek is free of snow, but snow covers the road about 1/8 - 1/4 mile above the creek. Went up in my Tacoma (4wd), ground a bit but wasn‘t too bad. The creek is high, as stated below, but passble for my truck. emcee smith         
2009-05-08 Same as above. Various drifts block the road starting around 9,800. Continuous snow starts at 10,800. Easy Hiking. Baldwin Creek is becoming difficult to cross. Dorje1018         
2009-04-30 4WD trail is still snow covered but melting pretty quickly below tree line. Easy hiking on the 4WD trail up to Antero. BAUMGARA         
2009-03-19 Road 277 is still closed to the bottom at the 162 junction. Even with the warm temps I suspect it will be a while until you can get a vehicle up any higher. RoanMtnMan         
2009-03-19 Road 277 is still closed to the bottom at the 162 junction. Even with the warm temps I suspect it will be a while until you can get a vehicle up any higher. RoanMtnMan         
2008-11-25 Sheets of Ice on road. First sheet of ice about 1/2 mile in. Had to park at bottom and walk all the way up road. Encountered about 5 spots where ice covered the entire road. 11/22/08 TriAnything         
2008-11-03 On Sunday, 11/2, there were a few patches of ice on the way up to the creek crossing (at about 10,800), but it‘s still passable if you‘re careful. A little beyond the creek crossing, there are sheets of ice on some steep sections; I don‘t see how anything would get up those with normal tires. JimR         
2008-07-17 road is clear of snow all the way to the saddle at 13000‘+. The road is bumpy and narrow, but any stock 4WD can make it to treeline without much problem. Stream crossings have about 10" of water. realhillboarding         
2008-06-30 Snowbank at 11,700 was being shoveled out on 6/21. jspydr         
2008-06-16 The road is clear to about 11,700 feet where there is a large snow field that nobody has driven through yet this year. gregpeak         
2008-06-02 Road is snow free until about 1/3-1/2 mile past the fork/creek crossing as of 6/1/08. Floyd         
2008-06-01 5/31/08 Was able to drive our Honda CRV the 8/10 mi up Baldwin Gulch rd. Found spot where 2 other cars were and parked there. The snowbank mentioned was a few 100 ft ahead. It was moderately steep, I dont think my vechicle could on continued much further on that steep part. It‘s 4 cylinder engine, it just didn‘t have enough "pwer" to have gone further if the rd had been open. When we came down in afternoon someone drove jeep way up, past the creek. Was told someone shoveled the blocking snowbank away. There are other snow piles across the rd that at least 2 vehicles drove thru. My guess is one needs serious 4whdr to get thru those piles of snow. That may be different in another wk. Snow‘s melting fast. Linda Jagger         

The lower (2WD) trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-08-25)The start of the 4WD road (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-08-25)The start of the 4WD road (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-08-25)

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