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Denny Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Yale
Road Type:  Paved Road 0   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD paved to the TH.
Directions:  From U.S. 24 in the center of Buena Vista, take the County 306 road towards Cottonwood Pass. Drive 12 miles on this road to reach the Denny Creek Trailhead and paved parking area on the right.
Winter Access:  Usually closed at the Avalanche Gulch TH - 3 miles below the Denny Creek TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-06-26 Trail is clear to tree line. Even when you go past the treeline up to the top the snow is spotty in some areas. The creek crossings were also very passable. The snow is melting fast! fireguyCO  2       
2015-05-12 Yep, dry! The standard route is dry up to near 10,400. WillRobnett         
2015-05-02 Dry! Cottonwood Pass Road and the parking lots for the trailhead. asarsam         
2015-04-05 Dry asphalt all the way there. Also, FYI...there is a snow machine blocking County Road 306 another 0.9 miles up from Denny Creek TH pull out, so you have to turn around through those parking lots that you‘ll find at that point. Beyond the snow machine, the asphalt looks dry, so maybe it would be fun to hop the barrier with your bicycle and check it out while the weather is like summer. Daniel Joder         
2015-03-28 Clear and dry all the way to the trailhead. MountainHiker         
2015-03-22 Same as last report. Clear and dry BillMiddlebrook         
2015-02-07 Clear and Dry all the way to the trail head. Accessible by all cars. jwgrosser         
2014-12-25 Plowed and clear to trailhead with some stretches of packed snow. BV was forecasted to get 3-6 inches today, but that hasn‘t happened yet. Same forecast for tomorrow (2014-12-26) last I looked, so it‘s possible things could get a little more nasty in the next few days. vdavidoff         
2014-12-13 Denny Creek is still plowed and open right now adamjm         
2014-06-23 I know its very late to report, but the road has been clear for some time (Late May) and the parking area is in good condition. addrock528         
2014-04-12 Road was clear to the Denny Creek Trail Head. From there it is blocked by a snow cat with many people snowmobiling up the road. Unsure if Sunday‘s storm affected the conditions at all but barring any further snow storms the road is good to go for the spring/summer season. hberry         
2014-04-09 306 is dry to the TH. Road closed immediately after the parking lot (blocked by a snow plow). jeffth5    3      
2014-03-24 306 is still dry to the trailhead. The road/Cottonwood pass is closed immediately after the parking lot. aweygandt         
2014-03-15 306 still dry to the trailhead. KTC88         
2014-03-09 Plowed to TH. 306 is perfect and bone-dry. Jerousek         
2013-12-27 Road open to Denny Creek. Snow-packed, but passable with 2WD vehicle. coloradomojo         
2013-11-07 Road is open and clear to the trailhead mrschaible    1      
2013-03-11 Went up to climb Yale. Road is clear with very little snow even after 2 snow storms. Trail is well packed until tree line. Sank 1 1/2 to 2 feet in with snowshoes out of treeline. PM for more details. fourseasoncyclist    1      
2013-01-21 The road is plowed all the way to the Denny Creek TH (including the the Avalanche Gulch TH). There is some ice on the road so drive slow on Hwy 306. A 2WD car can make it to the TH. MonGoose         
2013-01-12 Road is clear with some icy patches all the way to the trailhead and beyond. 2WD cars should have no problem. Trailhead itself is covered with a light dusting/hardpack snow. Again, no problem for 2WD cars, but might get a little slick. Should not present any problems getting stuck. shearmodulus         
2012-11-23 The road to the TH is completely dry. esagas         
2012-11-16 A couple icy spots on the road, but is still be accessible for any vehicle. TH is totally dry. Vincopotamus         
2012-02-05 Open up to Denny creek with plenty of snowmobilers as usual. 4WD was nice since the road was a little slick/icy in spots. scholbiwan         
2011-12-10 Closed at Avalanche Gulch. Add 6 miles roundtrip to Denny Creek mileage. piper14er         
2011-09-16 Clear and perfect. As long as your car rolls, you‘ll be fine. Theodore         

The trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2008-09-03)Snow past the tree line up toward Mt. Yale. (Added by: fireguyCO on 2015-06-28)

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