Woods Lake Trailhead
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Location:  San Juan Mountains
14ers Served:  El Diente Peak, Mt. Wilson, Wilson Peak
Directions:  From the Colorado 145 and Colorado 62 junction, travel southeast on Colorado 145 for 3.0 miles to Fall Creek Road (57P). This is not far past the Blue Jay Lodge. Continue south on 57P which will turn to gravel just before the junction with Wilson Mesa Ranch Road (56L) at 3.8 miles, stay straight. Stay straight at 6.4 miles and again at 7.5 miles. At 8.9 miles arrive at the Woods Lake Campground and follow the signs for the trailhead parking. The trailhead is a few hundred feet past the parking lot on the road.
Winter Access:  Unknown
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2013-08-19 The road is in excellent condition from start to finish. There is no washboards, the road is perfectly smooth and suitable for travel in any vehicle. No potholes, no large rocks, etc. Parking lot was also in great condition, with a large amount of parking spaces that were completely empty. djkest         
2012-09-08 Road in great shape. Any car can make it - in fact no difference from paved road in terms of driving. At the trailhead(a campground), drive to the "trailhead parking", and then look for a sign which shows trails around Woods Lake area. mountain hiker         
2011-09-08 The road to Woods Lake was in even better shape than what I experienced in 2010. The initial miles are asphalt, but the final miles are on wide well-graded gravel road way. Plenty of parking near the trailhead. It would likely be a shorter hike from Silver Pick, but a lot easier on the rental car if using the Woods Lake approach. 2giqs         
2010-09-01 So the last 5 miles of the road to this TH is gravel. The road is wide and easy to travel on with a low slung 2wd car. Graders were working on the road on 8/30/10, although there were few noticeable potholes. Hugh parking lot at the TH. As for the roughly 5 mile trail to Navaho Lake, the initial 2 miles are gently climbing thru forest on needle strewn treadway. During the last 1/2 mile or so to the junction with the Elk Creek trail, the grade noticeably toughens. You‘ll know you‘re getting close to topping out when you pass the ruins of a cabin on your left. After bearing right at the junction, the rest of the trail continues in a more or less level fashion along open ridges until the final downhill run to Navaho Lake. 2giqs         

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