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Santa Fe Peak Road Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Directions:  From U.S. 6 west of Loveland Pass, exit at Keystone and drive to the Montezuma road near the east end of the ski area. Drive approx. 5.5 miles to the town of Montezuma and look for the 264 road on the left, at a stop sign near the middle of town. Turn left and drive about 1 mile to find good parking on the side of the road. The road is also known as the Santa Fe Peak road.
Winter Access:  The road out of Montezuma is closed in winter.
Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2014-06-26 Inaccessible due to Montezuma road closure. For more info, see: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/whiteriver/news-events/?cid=STELPRD3803687 Bowman         
2013-08-03 Parked my Honda Fit at a switchback at 10,580. Probably could‘ve driven further up, but it was a good spot. CarpeDM         
2012-07-06 The road was in good shape and we parked at 10,800‘, approx. 1 mile up. BillMiddlebrook         

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