Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Keyhole Route
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  jemthebrewer
 Date of Info:  10/01/2020
 Date Posted:  10/01/2020

Excellent conditions today. A tiny bit of snow in the Trough that could easily be avoided. Winds were not much of an issue today, very few people attempting the summit (maybe 6-8) today on a picture perfect day. We were first on the summit today and no one else was up there, we passed a couple of parties heading up while we were heading down. Great day in the mountains!

Comments or Questions

10/01/2020 19:18
for posting this condition update. Was
looking for a current report for a trek up the mountain this weekend. This answers the questions I had!

Right on!
10/02/2020 08:57
Happy to looks stable and conditions should not change much between now and then. Enjoy and be safe!

Posthole Pete

10/02/2020 13:07
How was it up there?


Good climb!
10/04/2020 12:44
@jemthebrewer - Yeah, had a great trek up the mountain yesterday (Saturday). Your condition update from Thursday was spot on and much appreciated. Thanks again!

@Posthole Pete - Although the smoke issues probably change from day to day depending on the wind, it wasn't too much of an issue yesterday. The smoke seems to settle in the lower elevations during the night and then dissipates during the day. When I left the trailhead at 5am, you could smell the smoke periodically and this went on all the way to the boulder field. It then cleared up (the smell) after the sun came up and was a non issue the rest of the day. As far as the actual smoke itself, it was always off in the distance. It definitely took a while for the sun to burn through it and distant views from the summit were definitely smoky/hazy. Longs Peak itself was not really affected. I got crystal clear pictures of the mountain from the boulder field and there were always blue skies above and around the immediate area of the mountain.

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