Horseshoe Mountain  
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Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-07-17, By: JasonKline
Info: The White Ridge/Sherman/Sheridan/Peerless/Horseshoe/Finnback loop still has some snow along the route, but it can all be avoided easily. 
Route: Gully to the left of Boudoir
Posted On: 2015-06-22, By: Jay521
Info: Snow is getting very soft and the Boudoir Couloir is very, very thin. Heard and saw some rockfall in the couloir. There is a gully to the left side (south) of Horseshoe that was fairly solid and made for a good route up. Standard east slope coming down had very soft snow - some of which was unavoidable. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2015-05-31, By: fakejox
Info: Parked approximately 1.25 miles before Leavick. Cold temps overnight and in the morning (~26 ˚F) hardened the snow enough so we were able to float on top of the crust without snowshoes all the way to the cirque. Going up the Boudoir, the snow was bomber for 90% of the climb. It got a bit soft near the top as the sun warmed it up, so we skirted left to avoid the path of the overhung cornice on the summit ridge. We traversed to Peerless after topping out on Horseshoe, and glissaded back into the basin. By about 10 AM, we were hiking in mashed potatoes and snowshoes were a must! 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-05-10, By: dillonsarnelli
Info: Saturday before the ensuing blizzard... Snowshoes and/or skis required. Parked about a mile before Leavick @ 10,900'. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2015-04-25, By: rambis_21
Info: Hiked Horseshoe this morning via East Slopes. Had to get out and use the new snowshoes. I drove my car up the road as far as the tire tracks went as I knew if I went further I‘d get stuck. I reversed back until I was comfortable turning the car around in the snow. Parked and didn‘t have issues. The big snow from a week ago is what is burying the road at this point. A few days of warm sun would melt off a significant amount (when it comes). The road will be impassible for some time still. Had to walk on the snow a few miles to get to the big mine building. The hike went smoothly. Snow is in good shape, didn‘t have any concern really of finding a safe route (given it is Class 1) as it was very consolidated underneath in most areas or not more that 1-2 feet deep. Would be a great ski from the summit though all the way to the car! Wind was pretty horrendous on the summit ridge and summit. Very cold. Below the ridge wasn‘t so bad. I didn‘t track my miles but I‘m estimating 12 miles round trip. On my way down, I passed a number of people all heading up to Sherman. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2015-04-12, By: JtheChemE
Info: Took Fourmile road up to where the snow started ~11k. 10 miles roundtrip from there. Carried snowshoes, and found them to be unnecessary. In the couloir, snow ranged from just barely sinking in, to deeper unconsolidated material up to the knee, overall still good climbing. Observed solo skier climb and descend the couloir. We descended the north ridge on foot. Ran into some fellow 14ers members, nice meeting you guys! 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2015-04-06, By: eskermo
Info: Parked where the snow starts on the road, around a mile or less from the Leavick Mine. Snow is continuous to the Leavick Mine, but probably not for much longer in a few spots. At and just above the Leavick Mine there are a few dry patches on the road, but still mostly continuous. The left turnoff for the Boudoir Couloir route all the way to the summit provides continuous snow. The couloir itself is in great condition and is an incredible climb. We found a couple other members at the base of the apron and all four of us (plus the Labradoodle) made the summit. We descended Horseshoe‘s southeast face and around 12,300‘ made a long traverse north and eventually northeast to get back to the road. Note, if you take this descent line, don‘t turn east onto the first obvious road leading back to your car. This road (Crusader Road on GoogleMaps) is private and there are some homes back in there. We were able to ride almost all the way down to the Leavick Mine before we had to hike a couple hundred yards to get back on the road. Once back at the mine, we were able to ride out the last mile to the car. I would highly recommend this climb! 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2014-06-14, By: MarkMadness
Info: Road still has several short patches of snow near Fourmile Road, and a couple longer ones further up. Couloir getting thin near the bottom. Rode most of the way down to the tarn from the old building near the summit. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2014-06-09, By: Built-to-Last
Info: Was able to climb and ride down to the lake, the road still has some snowfields, did not have a 4wd vehicle so we parked at the turn off, just watch out for Tornados... 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2014-06-03, By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Wasn't doing Horseshoe on this day, but got a good view of it from the northeast. We went up Fourmile to ski the SW couloirs of White Ridge because of the later sun-hit and we knew they were going to be blasted with cool wind on Sunday morning. However, I did get a look at Horseshoe: A small release could be seen in the center of Boudoir couloir but there's still plenty of snow for a climb/ski, although not continuous to the road. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2014-05-25, By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Parked below Leavick and hauled ski gear in for an attempt of Bourdoir Couloir but it didn't work out due to a weak overnight freeze and poor bonding between the most recent storm snow and the bomber, dust layer. We dug a pit near the base of the couloir (12,800') and decided to abort based on the high risk of wet slides. The couloir will have snow for a while but it really needs to go through a hard freeze/thaw cycle. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2014-04-22, By: taylorzs
Info: Skinned up the east slopes and dropped the Boudoir couloir. Overall, this area is a bit more transitioned to spring snowpack than other areas of Colorado. Most of the snow surface on the approach was melt free crust. Snowboarding down the couloir, the snow was nice decomposing, powdery snow that transitioned to corn around 12,000‘ There was continuous snow from just below the Leavick townsite to the summit. Some solar aspects are starting to melt out up high. Most couloirs in the peaks around have decent snow cover for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Still a possibility of isolated wind slab avalanches in this area particularly on high elevation leeward slopes as well as wet slides if snow heats up in most places. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2013-11-12, By: ahrendse
Info: Crusted snow a couple inches deep on parts of the trail leading to the Peerless/Horseshoe saddle. Some shallow and avoidable snow on the east slopes. Spikes/snowshoes not necessary. Image 1- ridge to Horseshoe Mountain. Image 2- looking towards Peerless, Sheridan and Sherman. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2013-06-17, By: sevenvii
Info: Went up to do Horseshoe via the Boudoir, but the bottom 30-40 feet were melted out and it looked like miserable scree. Instead I opted to do the East slopes route, and then on to Peerless and Sheridan. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2012-04-21, By: Alby426
Info: Today, 4-21-12, we had the intention of climbing Boudoir Couloir but, we had to bail because the bottom end is drying out and is starting to be nothing but scree. 
Route: Standard(?)
Posted On: 2011-12-18, By: jeremy27
Info: I climbed up the Horseshoe/Peerless saddle, summited Horseshoe, back to the saddle, summited Peerless, over to the Peerless/Sheridan saddle and back down to the road. Microspikes were helpful, but not necessary. Ice axe and snowshoes were not necessary. Hard wind slabs and occassional soft drifts - most were avoidable. Sheridan looked doable but I didnt have the energy. Good luck. 
Route: Boudoir Couloir
Posted On: 2011-06-05, By: SurfNTurf
Info: We hit the base of the couloir shortly before 6 a.m. and topped out at 7:20. During that period, the snow was completely frozen. We didn‘t punch through once. There were kicked steps starting about 2/3 of the way up, which we gladly used. There is a huge cornice on top of Horseshoe. If it were to fall, the debris may reach the bottom section of the couloir. But after you‘re about halfway up the climb angles left and you‘re out of danger. Lengthy glissade down the standard route from the Horseshoe-Peerless saddle. Great conditions for it at 1 p.m (we added Finnback Knob, Peerless and Sheridan). After that, the posthole nightmare begins, even in snowshoes. I‘d suggest saving weight and going without the damn things. On the way out, at about 1:30, we did look back and notice some recent wet slide activity on the east face. A portion of the cornice appeared to have fallen. There was also evidence of rock fall (including one giant path straight through the center of Boudoir). Start early! 
Route: Boudoir couloir
Posted On: 2011-05-30, By: sdkeil
Info: We parked at 11,200, right below the Leavick townsite. We were on snow the entire way to the base of the couloir, however we had a nice hard freeze and snowshoes remained on our pack for the entire approach. The bottom 1/3 and top 1/3 of the couloir were in perfect condition, whereas the middle 1/3 still had some small pockets of unconsolidated snow. There were some good glisades off the standard route for our descent, however when we hit tree-line the snow turned to mashed potatoes and snowshoes were needed. Even with them on, we still did some occasional post-holing. 
Route: Standard from Four Mile
Posted On: 2011-03-27, By: emcee smith
Info: The road was snow blown from about 1 mile down from Leavick. Large drift to climb over when exiting the main road to the left (about 1 mile up from Leavick). Snowshoes seemed a must until tree line, then microspikes were fine. Seems possible to avoid most/all snowfields above tree line but would add distance and elevation. 

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