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Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2021-04-08, By: Sbenfield
Info: Went up the whole ridge. Be careful of a lot of trap doors between snow & rocks. Thought my ice axe was handy in 1 or 2 places. Wore snowshoes in the forest part but didn't sink very much. 
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Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-03, By: gluckhikes
Info: No summit - the final quarter mile of the ridge is very rough, definitely not class 2 in these conditions with loose snow covering loose rocks and exposed boulders. Otherwise I found a strong trench through the trees and then romped through shallower patches up to the ridge, a ways north of where the summer route should be. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-11-27, By: Agstrohmeier
Info: Flotation is required between the trailhead and the ridge; we didn't bring it but our hips are feeling it, a lot more snow than we expected. Be careful in the rocks on the ridge, lots of trapdoors and postholing. We ascended the ridge very early on and it was fun but tricky in the rocks. ascending the western face would be easier. We did not make it to the summit so I can't speak to the end of the hike, but it was a good day today, absolutely no wind. There are some wind slabs so be aware on the open faces, 1-5 inches thick with soft snow underneath. Thickest on the north aspects but still present on a lot of western aspects. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-26, By: colin j
Info: Dry to summit; Ridge walk to Tweto also dry. Wind was breezy in the morning but bearable. Conditions deteriorated throughout the day and wind was very gusty in the early afternoon which made narrow spots on the ridge pretty spicy. Looks like wind in the Mosquitos is predicted to be similar tomorrow. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-16, By: Gumby65
Info: Almost all snow from early September is gone. You can hike ridge without encountering snow 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-04, By: angry
Info: Dry to summit. No register. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-08-04, By: Veganbutcher719
Info: The non existent trail is in great shape. Don't even bother trying to find a path, just blaze your way through the trees. Once you get to the meadows above treelike its pretty straightforward as far as where you need to be. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-06-17, By: BeckyYoung89
Info: North Ridge is completely summer conditions. There are a few snow fields hanging on, but they're avoidable. For anyone traversing to Tweto, there is one unavoidable snowfield along the ridge where an axe was useful for cutting steps across (see pic). Skiers, this field still looks ski-able. About 500ft of continuous snow, the sporadic into the lower basin. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-06-06, By: kwhit24
Info: Deep snow patches from railroad to to the end of treeeline. A gentleman in front of us postholed all the way through and we followed the footsteps both ways through the trees. PM for GPX if you want it. Made the walk through the trees much easier considering some postholes were almost thigh high. Once out of the trees the snowfields were manageable on the ascent but some postholing and glissading was needed on the way back to the trees. 
Route: North Couloir
Posted On: 2020-05-17, By: Thevirtualsherpa
Info: Echoing James' report from previously (thanks for the Beta btw!) TH: 4:30 topped out around 8 back to car around 11:30. Not a great freeze over with some precipitation in the area the night before. Postholing at 4:30AM is never ideal and thats what we dealt with until reaching the hill before basin. Basin was firm snow until base of Couloir where sluff runoff was VERY soft. Conditions in the couloir are far from ideal skiiing but certainly still in- sluff city with a number of sharks starting to show up. Top entrance has a cornice free entrance but LOTS of bigger rocks starting to get exposed up top. Way down had mostly dry ridge with some postholing near and around trees but not nearly as much as we expected. Last 1/4 mile back to car was rough though. Snow is melting VERY fast up there. 
Route: Moonshine Couloir
Posted On: 2020-05-15, By: jjust
Info: The Moonshine Couloir on Mount Arkansas is in great shape. 
Route: Moonshine couloir
Posted On: 2020-04-30, By: Ptglhs
Info: Attached is the photo of the Moonshine couloir as seen from Mount Democrat. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-04-05, By: bludwig
Info: Upper ridge to summit is one long cornice. Stay to climber's right. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-03-08, By: BKS
Info: Good trench in place all the way to summit. 4 shoers and 4-5 skies on Saturday. Flotation needed to treeline. Traction needed above. Some slide activity noted on north to NE aspect of slope east of ne ridge. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-02-23, By: crowdsurf
Info: Came back for this one with member r_grizz. Variable snow conditions made this a long day. From the TH to the ridge was deep powder requiring flotation. Ascending the ridge was breakable crust not suitable for crampons, so it was easier to skirt to the rocks and grass. Once on the ridge, there was great styrofoam snow to walk on until the ridges intersect. The summit ridge involved multiple small snow field crossings if you stay low while bypassing the crux and mixed climbing if you stay a little higher. Staying high seemed to be a better choice as snow field conditions were sketchy to cross. Axe dry tooling was helpful but the rock definitely isn't the greatest. Photos 3, 4 and 5 are of the crux bypass. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-12-21, By: crowdsurf
Info: Unconsolidated snow from the prior week's storm below treeline. I was able to poach skin tracks almost up to the start of the ridge. After that, ascending the boulders to gain the ridge in this snow was difficult and chewed up a lot of time and energy. Once on the ridge, snow conditions were good and easier to walk on or avoid. Turned around at the crux as further travel forward would have required descending the ridge in the dark. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-12-07, By: benbrow1234
Info: All snow consolidated from CO 91 winter trailhead up to the turn off of the former railroad tracks. From this point until treeline about 2-3 feet of snow, floatation necessary to break trail. Less snow above treeline but continued wearing snowshoes until midway up the slope leading to Arkansas' north ridge. Windy (gusts 20-30mph) on the ridge was rough but manageable. Ice axe only equipment used for passage along the ridge to summit. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-11-09, By: graberz
Info: We took advantage of beta from previous weekend. The road is nice and packed down a good part of the way. We then broke new trail into the trees at some point aiming straight towards the summit. Snow shoes were a must as it was very powdery. We didn't use traction or axe, but of course good idea to have. We did stay ridge proper most of the time, except for some of the towers we dropped down And went around. Still provided some fun scrambling. We descended from summit following the cairns of standard trail which is doable but more post holey. On and off the ridge would have been easier. We Didn't see anyone else on the mountain. Beautiful day! 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-11-03, By: WildWanderer
Info: Put in a trench to treeline, which should be there until the next snow. From treeline to the ridge the wind blew all tracks away. I gained the ridge sooner than the North Ridge because there were large snow drifts with unconsolidated snow littering the basin I wanted to avoid. The snow in the basin was sugary and deep, making snowshoes very helpful. The slope up to the ridge was tundra mixed with small amounts of snow. There were at least 5 of us out there today using different routes but all meeting at the summit ridge so there's a good trench in from ridge to summit. The class 2 area to avoid the class 3/4 ridge section has too much snow to traverse, so plan on making this a class 3 hike. Snowshoes were needed below treeline and in the basin, helpful gaining the ridge, and overkill on the ridge. Microspikes were helpful on the ridge to summit. Bring an ice axe. Beautiful day on the mountain without the intense winds of the past few weeks. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2019-10-01, By: supranihilest
Info: I went from Treasurevault Mountain to Mount Arkansas before hitting Mount Tweto. This required traversing on Tweto's steep and loose west slopes. Honestly this probably was not faster, easier, or safer than going over Tweto. It worked but it was tedious and there was plenty of suspect and sketchy rock to either knock down on yourself or go dinner plate skating on down the slope. Once you're at the Arkansas/Tweto saddle things look kind of improbable, but the ridge to Arkansas is remarkably easy compared to how it looks! There's plenty of the usual loose stuff but what little scrambling (Class 2+, maybe Easy Class 3) there is is kind of fun and the route finding is pretty easy. However, the summit ridge is obnoxiously long and has a bunch of ups and downs along the way. The summit ridge takes longer than the climb up to it! The final pitch swings around Arkansas' west slopes on giant blocky boulders. 

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