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Loveland to Guanella Pass via a couple of 14ers and a few 13ers 
By: KatieFinn
Added: 08/07/2012
Grizzly Pk D
Torreys Peak
Grays Peak
Edwards, Mt
Square Top Mtn A
08/04/2012 08/07/2012 18  24 14
Tour de California Pk 
By: KatieFinn
Added: 06/22/2012
California Pk
PT 13,577
PT 13,660 A
06/16/2012 06/22/2012 7  28 6
Continental Divide delight - Berthoud Pass to St. Mary’s Glacier TH 
By: KatieFinn
Added: 07/26/2011
Flora, Mt
Eva, Mt
Parry Pk A
Bancroft, Mt
James Pk
07/23/2011 07/26/2011 13  11 5
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