Peak(s):  Alta Peak - 11204
Date Posted:  01/04/2016
Modified:  01/06/2016
Date Climbed:   06/30/2015
Author:  goingup
 One Time I Wrestled a Bear (or ran away screaming)  

Ahhhhh California, home of the Sierras, big trees, big mountains, long days, fun scrambles, and bears.

This is mostly about a bear but I also summit a pretty cool mountain and see one very large tree ( :

Happy Monday friends!

Alta Peak


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 Comments or Questions

01/04/2016 12:22
You had me at the 3:47 minute mile.


I like your trip reports
01/04/2016 16:35


01/04/2016 16:55
Jay - Bears, helping people realize their potential speed for centuries

EatinHardtack - Thank you ( :


So much fun to read
01/04/2016 19:09
Young lady, start a book.
You are a natural.



Great write up!
01/04/2016 22:16
That was thoroughly amusing, you have a great sense of humor. I may need to get Instagram to follow you, however if I do, I’ll try to be sure not to offer advice that almost gets you killed...unlike your other followers, geez.

01/05/2016 07:05
I enjoyed your trip report. If plans workout I will get to Kings Canyon NP for some backpacking and a climb this summer. I will take a side trip to see the Gen Sherman Tree.


01/05/2016 08:50
Your bear story reminds me of one of my own. A few years back, I was running up a local trail, and was thinking it looked like prime bear territory. So, the next time I went there, I attached a bear bell to my running shoe. Annoying as hell sounding. Sure enough, I round a corner, and there’s a huge bear standing on it’s hind legs in the middle of the trail. I swear he must have thought it was a dinner bell. I stopped short, stared, panicked pretty much. Then the bear does this polar bear stomp thing down on his front legs right in my direction. I did exactly what they say not to do. RUN. Probably not a 3:47 mile like you, but I ran like a Kenyan for sure, wondering if my dinner bell was going to spark interest in another bear.

Rollie Free

Expert Opinion
01/05/2016 19:03
While not an expert on bears I do have some knowledge on other subjects based upon personal study. From the photographic evidence provided I would say the bear just wanted a closer look.

The movie ’A Walk In The Woods’ was panned but I really enjoyed a couple of lines. When a bear was mulling around outside their tent Redford opens a book and recites that it says to intimidate the bear by casting yourself bigger. Nolte says "Intimidate? It’s a f$#%@!$@ bear!"


01/05/2016 19:29
jwendling - No, thank you! My book is basically on, I can’t believe I have written 39 of these things

cpb145 - please do come follow me @halfpint22

Kansan - I want to go back and back pack so badly, if you go poke around my website I actually wrote a separate report on Kings Canyon

mtgirl - I am so glad I am not the only one who run! They say make yourself look bigger, pshhh. And the rangers told me they call the bell the dinner bell! Those things are totally useless. I spent a week in Yellowstone and I carried a giant canister of mace around with me the whole time. But really, if a bear wants to eat you, I think it would, mace, bell, running or looking big.

Rollie Free - Hahahaha Exactly, it’s a f(*$%&4*(W$% bear

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