Peak(s):  Mount Neva - 12814
Point 12660
The Spider - 12692
Date Posted:  08/05/2018
Date Climbed:   07/29/2018
Author:  mennoguy
 10 Reasons Why Millennials Are Destroying Mountains, You Won't Believe Number 4   

10 Reasons Millennials Are Destroying Mountains

I’m back with even more clickbait than ever before.

Mount Neva from Meadow Creek Reservoir

Moose near campsite

Lower NW ridge of Neva

Early difficulties on the NW ridge, class 2

Epic Ptarmigan pose

Anyone who has watched Fox News or listened to any crotchety old Baby Boomer who watches Fox News knows that Millennials are ruining everything from casual diners with shitty food to napkins, where will the carnage end. Apparently Millennials are killing mountains as well, please say it ain’t so.

Can't quit see the Lone Eagle Cirque

Look at that avocado bagel eating millennial, shame.

Here are 10 reasons why Millennials are destroying the mountains.

Why do millennials like me have to ruin everything

1. Trails

Millennial peaks don’t have well manicured trails to the top, or even heavily eroded trails to the top. We all knew Millennials had no direction but this is definitive proof.

12660 from Devil's Thumb Pass, summit not visible

Devil's Thumb and Devil's Thumb Lake

Class 2+ upper ridge to 12660, Class 2 bypass on left, west side of ridge

Class 2+ on 12660

2. Crowds

Solitude, Millennials love solitude, you can’t share your summit experience with 100 of your closest friends.

3. Online Beta

I'm not going to give you a detailed report of every inch of the trail

The Baby Boomers of the mountains, the 14ers, have beta of every inch of the route. If a thistle grows in the middle of the trail on Quandary there will be a hundred posts on 14ers about how to avoid it. Millennial peaks have no beta, how the hell do you get up 12834, learn to read a map and route find.

4. You won’t believe this one

Osprey at Meadow Creek Reservoir

5. No Names

Millennials caught in their natural habitat, notice the shocked looks of entitlement, they expect every peak to have solitude

Upper Piney River valley and peaks

The Spider summit on the left, steep route to saddle in the middle

Use the ramp on the left for more solid terrain

Hanging out at the saddle

The Fly

Alphabet Soup

Ben Working his way up

Ben Nearing the summit

So many Millennial peaks have no name, quit being a snowflake and pick a goddamn name. Point 12660, Point 12740, what’s all this about. Quit being so insecure about your names.

6. Weird Names

Why can’t Millennial peaks have normal names like Evan’s or Wilson, instead when they decide to have names they have weird names like The Spider, Velvet BM, or Blackhead Peak, sounds like somebody needs to clean out their pores.

7. Wild Wildlife

Upper ramparts of The Spider

The wildlife on Millennial peaks won’t eat out of your hand. You can’t pet the goats, the rodents won’t crawl over your feet begging for a handout, because Millennial peaks don’t give handouts to rodents, unlike those Baby Boomer peaks.

Heading down the steepness

8. No Human Waste

There might be a trail

The Spider after the storm

You can actually turn rocks over and not find shit, littarily. I suppose that is a good thing for Millennial peaks. Did you hear Millennials ruined the golf industry. Those self-absorbed pricks, not playing an elitist sport.

9. They Attract Hipsters

Stormy afternoon in the lower Piney River Valley

Hipsters who eat avocado bagels, that’s ten times worse than avocado toast. Those smug bastards. No bros conquering Bierstadt on the Millennial Peaks, just hipsters.

10. They Are Barely over Treeline

Seriously don’t visit them, ever, some of them have trees near the summit, there is really nothing to see, stick to the conga lines on Sherman.

Nothing to see here

Misty Morning

who would want to climb those peaks in the background, they're not even 12,000 feet tall

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Comments or Questions

clickbait victim
08/05/2018 16:30
yeah, you got me. and I'm not a millennial. sigh...I think you broke a rule in your top 10 though. You gave beta on the ramp to the Spider.
Fun report!


Fellow Millenial
08/05/2018 19:25
I clicked on this expecting to be angry at my age group being antagonized and MAYBE learn something about how to better myself - was pleasantly surprised. Keep on, man.


Boomer feedback
08/05/2018 20:20
I've climbed all the 14ers including a repeat of 2 this weekend. It seems lately all I say is why am I hiking with 100 of my closest friends? Thanks for prompting me to find the solitude I want/need from my climbing. You millennial's are alright! By the way, I'm an avocado bagel eating, vegetarian Boomer. Have fun going the path less traveled!


#11, and most important:
08/06/2018 08:34
Talking about and uploading pictures of the ____ Range

Baby boomer here
08/07/2018 14:09
Ha! I remember when it was the baby boomers that were destroying the country (according to all the old fogeys). Now it seems a lot of us (old fogeys now ourselves), are repeating all the crap that was said about us but saying it about millenials. Of course, listening to Faux News will rot your brain for sure, whatever your generation.

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